Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Mar 9, 2008 pittypat37
I'm first!!! Unbelieveable. I have a Parson Russell Grand-dog. Vigo you are adorable. Kisses and treats by the dozens.
Mar 9, 2008 denawolves
HAHA!!! I totally love Vigo's Mom's description of him, esp/ wishing he could fly. And try the movie Milo and Otis, after awhile when I put the movie on for kids and at nap-time, the dogs would come running!
Mar 9, 2008 trips
His coloring is beautiful. You did a great job with the pictures, they are so sharp and clear. They certainly capture Vigo's personality.
Love and blessings to all your family! Enjoy!
Mar 9, 2008 madziajk
I can't believe that Vigo is such a computer literate puppy ;) Very cute little boy! xoxox
Mar 9, 2008 durangosage
People always said that a picture is worth a thousand words but I didn't know that you would be the one writing Neat working at the computer, are you south pawed by chance? I am.
Mar 9, 2008 Tamara
Vigo is a very adorable and I am courious does she play with Ice cubes and use them as hocky pucks like my little girl does.
Mar 9, 2008 browniebiscuit
[color=fushia] Awww, a day at the office!!!! [/color]
Mar 9, 2008 kool_kat_3
Vigo, you are lovely! A very handsome chap! lots and lots of love and treats to you! xxxxxxxx
Mar 9, 2008 goldenlover
ooooooo so cute a million biscuits and a tummy rub
Mar 9, 2008 suelill
Oh baby you are so sweet. What a cutie. Those lovely to die for eyes! Vigo a trillion, zillion biscuits, hugs and cuddles for you. Have a good life. xxxxxxxxxxxx
Mar 9, 2008 Mummm
Vigo is VERY cute! I love his photo looking at his picture on the computer. How fun!
Mar 9, 2008 djmc
How sweet , and such a darling face . enjoy your new baby 11 biscuits
Mar 9, 2008 NewPup
I had a Jack Russell years back, and she was thee smarrrtest dog! Kelli had dozens of tricks.. "sleep".. "pray".. "Go get O.C.", {our chocolate tabby who was almost as big as Kelli was! ..I'd say, "Kelli, it's dinn-nner tiime.. Go get O.C., and she'd go running to the back yard, and come back with O.C. following right behind, right on cue, every day for yeears she did that! ~ Your Vigo has her sweet, expressive face~ Just darling!:)
Mar 9, 2008 Foxie Momma
awwwwwwwwww all tuckered out with his fav ragga .... a million biccies for lil Vigo (what a handsome name) **tummy tickles** x
Mar 9, 2008 DogMom
Kisses to your precious Vigo!!! What a lovely little boy he is. What a handsome little dog. THanks for sharing him.
Mar 9, 2008 DaveyDog
It must take a lot of time to answer all those fan letters and emails, but please remember that your mom and dad need time, too. Possibly let them chase a ball, or use the washroom and see that they have water and food available. It must be tough being the breadwinner in your family, but working from home should make it a little easier. Say, do you take advantage of "parent daycare" when you have to attend meetings and such out of the office? I understand that keeps them from getting bored when they're left alone for too long.
You are a handsome fellow and I'm particularly fond of your colour and markings. I suspect it's the humans who took the photos and they're outstanding!
This is Sunday, little bucko, so don't spend too much time at the 'pooter!!
Ontario, Canada
Mar 9, 2008 brigid
I had a great Jack Russell named Remington....the dog of my lifetime! Vigo your handsome and brilliant and well loved ~ a very happy and long life to you....YOU are a STAR!!!
Mar 9, 2008 jaccikay
Vigo, you're a doll! All the pictures are darling. He is a charmer. I can see that! This picture with him at the computer is too cute....God Bless you all with love, health, and happiness.
Mar 9, 2008 sue
[ hes so cute]
Mar 9, 2008 iwishihadadog
wow he's adorable, i love his coloring! and he sounds like a funny little guy too!
this is my fav pic (assuming it works) because he looks so cute with his little furrowed brow...very concerned about something, lol
Mar 9, 2008 maddie's mom
i have a prt named maddie. she is my best friend.
vigo looks like he will fill your life with so much joy.
they are the smartest and funniest companions.
i love his coloring its very unique.
the computer picture is amazing you should submit it to a dog calendar.
Mar 9, 2008 soccerlover111
working on the computer? AMAZING! he should be on one of those amazing and funny pet shows!
Mar 9, 2008 sue
[color=red] my colored text [/color]
Mar 9, 2008 sue
[color=red] shes sooooooooooo cute [/color]
Mar 9, 2008 FRITZY
Oh so cute!!! I am so happy for you both!!!:)
Mar 9, 2008 Rebel6
Now that is absolutely adorable! Take a break & have some fun!
Best of luck
Mar 9, 2008 ChubbyTrubby
Vigo is adorable!

We had a Jack Russell Rescue for Years. Her name was Daisy and she had been abandoned in a shed after the owner decided he wasn't making enough money with her puppies.

She turned out to be the best friend, most loyal friend. We miss her and know Vigo will make a great family pet.
Mar 9, 2008 luvmyroscoe
"hmmm...gotta figure out how to save this page to my Favorites!"
Mar 9, 2008 Quila'smom
Vigo is so adorable! Many happy years full of biscuits and dog kisses for all!
Mar 9, 2008 Daphne's Mom
Vigo you are too cute! I hope you have many happy and healthy years with your family! Sloppy puppy kisses from my little girl Daphne! Lots of love and bicuits to you!
Mar 9, 2008 mollysmommy
What a handsome little boy. Lots of hugs, rubs, and cookies to both of you. :)
Mar 9, 2008 bopeep
Ice skating, working on the computer, throwing your toys around, fighting with Ogiv, watching animals on tv, dreams of flying - you exhaust me just reading about your busy life. Not only are you talented, but you are very handsome too. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits from Kansas.
Mar 9, 2008 iamme
Wow...does he bring back memories of what my puppy looked like. They said she was a cockapoo, but that was her mom...they weren't really sure what her father was. I think she had some terrier in her. She had the same ears when she was a pup and the energy...such a part of the terrier trade. But he is cute. I love those ears. Give him an ear rub for me. I hope you catch them awful birds that tease you Vigo. :) Have a great life!
Mar 9, 2008 Glorybe
The pictures of Virgo are extremely precious. It's difficult to pick a favorite! It seems you've captured many of his traits/personality with them. Virgo is oh so cute and very handsome; what pretty markings. I have to add however, I'm kind-of glad dogs can't fly...I have a lab mix adult "baby" who is plagued with bouts of lower intestinal upset (if you get my meaning) HaHaHa =) Talk about a bad hair day.............................

I pray Virgo and his family experience nothing but many loving, healthy, memorable years. Thank you for sharing your little doll.
Mar 9, 2008 LucyLou'sMom
He is precious! Beautiful markings! I love Jack Russells, I've had 3. My Lucy thinks you are a good looking guy. Wishing you and your family lots of fun and lovable times.
Mar 9, 2008 thrush01
Vigo, as a New yorker cartoonist said, "on the internet, no-one knows you're a dog".
Mar 9, 2008 LucyBee
I just love that brown"sleeve "on his leg! Way too cute!!
Mar 9, 2008 ykratz
Those eyes will melt any heart. He is a Beauty.
Mar 9, 2008 animalqn
Brilliant! A brilliant picture of a brilliant dog looking at a brilliant website!!!
Mar 9, 2008 lotsadoghair
This photo is almost a glamour shot! Spunky and fun to have a JRT!
Mar 9, 2008 Lizanne
Vido, You are an absolute Sweetheart. Your eyes are so expressive, and you are just the greatest busy little guy. Hugs from Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Mar 9, 2008 jgales
I bet Vigo is more computer literate than me. Cute, cute, cute. 11 biscuts from me.
Many happy years to you.
Mar 9, 2008 jgales
I bet Vigo is more computer literate than me. Cute, cute, cute. 11 biscuts from me.
Many happy years to you.
Mar 9, 2008 silverkitty8
Hahaha! What a fantastic picture!
Mar 9, 2008 caraschotch
I have two JRTs, and can't imagine life without them! Vigo has a sweet face, and clearly has a winning personality. Lebenty-leben bickies for you, Vigo! Hope you enjoy your Jack--- he'll calm down in about ten years!
Mar 9, 2008 kittymom
Vigo, you are such a doll!! I'm suffering from cute overload, just love JRT pups & you are one of the BEST for sure!! Just don't search the computer for flying lessons, there's too much for you to do on the ground!!
Mar 9, 2008 molly's mom
Lots of belly rubs for Vigo!!!!!!!!!!!!What a sweetie!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 9, 2008 k_cyn
[color=purple]ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! :) PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Sooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!! :)
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you!!!
Best wishes always!!! :) [/color]
Mar 9, 2008 JulianaN
[color=purple][b]VIGO!!!!! Such a sweetie! Love the markings on his face! Have fun chasing the storks! Many many biscuits to you.[/color][/b]
Mar 9, 2008 lovemydogs
I love the picture with the computer!!!!! He is adorable!!
10 biscuits for you Vigo!!
Mar 9, 2008 PamFontainePeters
100 biscuits! What a cutie. Darn those birds for flying away without you, Vigo! I can't resist those big puppy eyes!
Mar 9, 2008 JudithVick
What a precious face! I imagine you can get into a lot of mischief....
Mar 10, 2008 thathat
What gorgeous markings! And I love his long tail! I've never seen one on a Parson or Jack Russel before! He's beautiful, 11 biscuits for sure!
Mar 10, 2008 joycie237
thats the funniest picture. he's so cute!
Mar 10, 2008 Kingo217
Very very cute indeed. Wish you and Vigo many happy years.
Mar 10, 2008 aussiejack
When we saw Vigo's picture on our computer my children and I let out a collective 'Awwwww'. We have a Jack Russel called Nugget who is very much a character like your Vigo. Naturally we are great fans of Jacks. Hope you enjoy many happy and entertaining years with him!!
Mar 10, 2008 boocub
cute, clever and IT smartz! what a great puppy!!! biscuits everywhere!
Mar 10, 2008 coyne12
All the pics. are great, but had to choose Vigo at the computer and where else, but here!

Beautiful coloring!! Wishing you both all the best for a long time to come!!
Mar 10, 2008 jowaldo
Beautiful Boy :)
Mar 10, 2008 boekkie
Hello everybody, this is Vigo?s "Mom". Thank you very much for your friendly and funny comments, Vigo is absolutely delighted! :-). He is not in the office today, but on acquisition tour, and he charged me to send this mail for him.
All the best to all of you & and many tail wags!
Mar 10, 2008 roscoeroxypepper
what great pictures!!!! he is sooooo handsome
Mar 10, 2008 liltinker
Oh how fun this little guy looks! Love the one where your checkin out the Daily Puppy. Such a smart pup!
Mar 10, 2008 DharmaG
OMG...I could just look at Vigo all day, what a beautiful baby
Mar 10, 2008 clemency
Vigo could not be any cuter!! And you are so luck that he is protecting you from all those dangerous doggy toys! You never know what that Ogiv might get up to when your back is turned. ;o)

"Vigo entered our lives about 2 months ago and ever since every day is a perfect day. "

I think that phrase captures the feeling of having a dog just perfectly!
Mar 10, 2008 Frasier'smom
Love it!!! Vigo, you are checking out what everyone says about you, am I right!!! Well, you just KNOW you are so handsome!!!:) My dogs love the computer too,...I think they are just curious as to why we spend time on, they figure they will see what the big deal is!!! You are just so cute, take great pictures too!! Lots of great shots....hard to pick one favorite!!! Have many years of a wonderful life Vigo!!
Mar 10, 2008 stormsamson
I'm already working on that fat belly syndrome! I just love your coloring (warm and fuzzy)! Many years of blessed health for you and your family!
Mar 10, 2008 pauz4paws
Vigo, I'm in love yet again! Hard to pick a fav, you're just too cute. Here's wishing you a long healthy life and keep on working on that puter.....maybe I'll see you in cyberspace!
xoxo from Florida.
Mar 11, 2008 RHONDA
Awww Vigo is so adorable!! he is also very photogenic!!!
Mar 11, 2008 Terry C
This is a riot!
Mar 11, 2008 loca17_08
he looks so innocent but miscivous at the same time and he also looks so magestic like his a king
Mar 11, 2008 susannablues
Jack Russells have insatiable curiosity and Vigo is clearly as curious as any. Love the computer pic.
Mar 11, 2008 piobaire
Vigo! What cute little puppy paws and tummy you have! All the better to get rubbed and kissed with I bet!! I see you were on the computer voting for other puppies. Clever Vigo. 100 puppy cookies for you!
Mar 11, 2008 Sasafras56
Oh so sweet! Vigo is a cutie! Love it when they sleep. AAAAAAHHHH
too much. Love all the pictures but this one shows how little he is.
Mar 11, 2008 tambore
"Boys just want to have fun, but there's a price to pay for it............ sleep! Sweet dreams, Vigo.
Mar 11, 2008 tambore
"Boys just want to have fun, but there's a price to pay for it............ sleep! Sweet dreams, Vigo.
Mar 12, 2008 Caitlyn Reno
aww....soooo cute!!!! this is such a cute puppy
Mar 27, 2008 alexis_2008
Vigo is so cutie !:0
Apr 8, 2008 liltinker
May 20, 2008 puppydog
What an adorable little puppy!
Hey, how come I'M not on that page? Well, you get your chance now, what a cutie! :oD
Nov 1, 2008 georgia04
What a beautiful little guy Vigo is. Give him hugs and kisses for me.
Sep 6, 2009 zazou
Hello ,we lost our dog a few months ago and I would like to know where you bought him cause i'm searching for a parson like him , he's so cute. kisses and cuddles
Sep 14, 2009 sandunguera
Mar 29, 2010 ToTo
cute one seams very quiet
Oct 3, 2010 pelligrino
Vigo is very cute and very talented! I would love to see him on the ice! This photo is so creative I just had to pick it!
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