Wellington the Old English Sheepdog

Puppy Breed: Old English Sheepdog

Wellington is a a happy, fun-loving old English Sheepdog. He is loved by our twelve-year-old Sheepdog, Winston. Wellie loves to spend his day out and about in our neighborhood. Wellie's favorite activity these days is chasing water from sprinklers. He is very outgoing and adventurous. We have truly enjoyed this wonderful addition to our family and look forward to what new activity and experience every day brings.

Comments (75)
cavalier lover Jul 23, 2011
I love this little chap, he looks so fluffy . He is going to be a big...

Jose Jul 23, 2011
Wellington your soooooooooooooo cute I hope that you have a great...

mags1 Jul 23, 2011
Wellington you are too cute!!

ebead Jul 23, 2011
What a beautiful baby!

angelsins Jul 23, 2011

curlyreddogs Jul 23, 2011
Too cute...played till he dropped. Looks like he is a fun pup. ...

princelover Jul 23, 2011
Wellington, you are georgous! That sweet face is a winner and I bet...

Corky'smum Jul 23, 2011
You beautiful, happy little darling. Many wonderful years of joy to...

Missmilamae Jul 23, 2011
Wellie, what a handsome fellow you are, just love your markings and...

spunky Jul 23, 2011
Wellington is so beautiful! So fluffy & what an adorable face! Lots...

Malimom Jul 23, 2011
what a cutie and a character. I would smile non stop with you around....

Ladyslipper Jul 23, 2011
Wellington is a handsome boy. I am sure he puts a lot of joy in your...

Barbywhodares Jul 23, 2011
Wellington - I want you as my puppy - you are so gorg. I didn't...

longislander Jul 23, 2011
What an animal - just beautiful and precious. I agree with Barby - I...

jtywong Jul 23, 2011
love this inquisitive puppy! hugs and kisses!

Agilitypuppeh Jul 23, 2011
You're soso cute!!!

pelligrino Jul 23, 2011
Welli has a very cute and lovable face! It's great he has a...

chelsearosebud Jul 23, 2011
Wellington and Winston. Bookends! Wellington, such a regal name for a...

tomthumb Jul 23, 2011
Wellinton, you are ADORABLE!

memberume Jul 23, 2011
What a face...that is a face of a PRINCE! May Wellie have a long...

Bearry42 Jul 23, 2011
Aren't you the cutest thing.You look like a cuddily little bear.I...

daphne's mom Jul 23, 2011
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together!...

bluegigi Jul 23, 2011
Such cuteness!!! A big ball of fur!

JanW Jul 23, 2011
What a wonderful big ball of fur and fun you are Wellington! Wishing...

cricket92429 Jul 23, 2011
I'll take one to go :)

virgilsmama Jul 23, 2011
Love you Wellie, love the O.E. Sheepdog! Beautiful white fluff coated...

john1069 Jul 23, 2011
He is just too cute and cuddly, would squeeze him he's so...

goldenlover Jul 23, 2011
What a handsome puppy!!

drakes' granny Jul 23, 2011
Great pictures of a very handsome little boy. Nice and fluffy and cute.

gryt Jul 23, 2011
Omg so cute... You sure it's not a stuffed toy? Wellington is...

Mini Anderson Cooper's Mom Jul 23, 2011
Wellington, You are a handsome little gent, even with your wet chin....

Rio Jul 23, 2011
Wellington you look like a little snuggler. Hugs to you sweetie.

tink'smom Jul 23, 2011
Awesome big fuzzy puppy. Love him to pieces! XXXX

Westie Art Jul 23, 2011
Such a sweetheart. Look at that fuzzy lovable face.

molly's mom Jul 23, 2011
Awwwww,what a cutie!!!!!!

reinaknits Jul 23, 2011
Wellington you are beautiful. what a fun dog. Do...

Doodle Mom Jul 23, 2011
Wellington, you are absolutely PRECIOUS! I just can't get enough...

loveme122 Jul 23, 2011
He is so cute.... LOVE HIM :)

monkeynbubba Jul 23, 2011

asiasmum Jul 23, 2011
Wellie looks like a bundle of fun :)

tzumom Jul 23, 2011
You are just toooo cute...what a sweetie you are and so lucky to have...

DanielleK Jul 23, 2011
Wellie, you are so cute! Sprinklers are very fun- good choice buddy!

amyliz Jul 23, 2011
The fluffiness! The cuteness! The happy smile! Wellington, you have...

Cuddzy Jul 23, 2011
What a fluffy little darling! I love fluffy puppies. Many happy days...

puppylover1000 Jul 23, 2011
oh wellie u r soooooo cute

Critter Crazy Jul 23, 2011
Oh, gosh! He is soooo cute. Like a perfect stuffed animal - and I...

sheila Jul 23, 2011
Wellington you are such a cutie pie. I just love Old English...

Jakesmum53 Jul 23, 2011
How handsom you are Wellington! You are such a cutie! What aface!...

The Raven Jul 23, 2011
Wellington is just a darling, I do hope someone is with him while he...

allmyshelties Jul 23, 2011
Wellie, I love your sweet face and fluffyness and wait...what do I...

Frankt Jul 23, 2011

Teddy Dog Jul 23, 2011
...this little guy is adorable...he's got that OES smile...just...

mattysmom Jul 23, 2011
Wellington is adorable! Love the names you have chosen for your...

mkesj Jul 23, 2011
Come on, why aren't there more full body pictures? More...

meganbooth Jul 23, 2011
What an adorable, happy-looking little boy. He is a real charmer!

busybee.deb Jul 23, 2011
What a sweet face, Wellington! Best of life to you and your family!

Greylyn Jul 23, 2011
What an incredible cutie! I love this furry-faced baby! Long life...

WATERDOG Jul 23, 2011
Oh come on, there's nothing strange about feeding a cheeseburger...

mychiensr1 Jul 23, 2011
Wellington is way tooo cute. Too bad, I didn't get a chance to...

wolfgirl66 Jul 24, 2011
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SWEET &...

clemency Jul 24, 2011
"Must play with ball but so sleepy. . . .zzzzzzzz" Such a...

ruthie Jul 24, 2011
omigosh, Wellington, you are adorable! I've always wanted a...

Abiglen Jul 24, 2011
Ah,come on - this picture is cuteness overload times a 1,000,000....

JuliConn Jul 24, 2011
What a sweet and beautiful face!

ZoeGaviMom Jul 25, 2011
Adorable - reminds me of Tristan and Duncan (sadly gone to the...

Puppy Power Jul 25, 2011
Love you Wellington! xoxox smooches and hugs to you!

Grissom Jul 25, 2011
You can't help but look at this lil' guy and smile... he...

megatha427 Jul 25, 2011
Wellie is such a cute name for such a cute puppy!

gouldkb Jul 25, 2011
Wellington you are truely a wonderful pup. What a cute face :-)

piobaire Jul 25, 2011
Wellie, you are very cute.

pirosred Jul 25, 2011
What wonderful pictures. Have a wonderful life with Wellington! Love...

shortyww22 Jul 26, 2011
Wllington,you have such an adorable face.hope you enjoy many happy...

guerrero's grandma Jul 26, 2011
how cute is THIS pic! I see you are doing your famous "Colonel...

Flaregas Jul 27, 2011
What an incredibly cute dog. Have a long and happy life Wellington.

dachshund4life Sep 10, 2011
what a sweet face you've got! old english sheep dogs are my...