Saturday, July 12, 2014
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Sep 2, 2008 buttersmom
Who Says Ya Hafta be a Big Dog to be a Guide Dog? What an adorable pup!
Sep 2, 2008 Mous Moos
WOAH!!! So cute!! Awwww
Sep 2, 2008 wolfgirl66
Beautiful puppy!!!!!
Sep 2, 2008 beatlesgeek
Man, this photo of Wilfred with his blankie just killed me! What a cute little guy.
Sep 2, 2008 Beaglesrule
Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh, what a relief it is......anybody remember that commercial? He's the poster-dog for it. Very cute and adorable.
Sep 2, 2008 suelill
Awwwwww Wilfred poppet - what a gorgeous baby u are. I'm sure u will make an excellent guide dog one day. Meanwhile all the biscuits in the world for u and the biggest ever hugs and cuddles from me sweetheart. You have stolen my heart!!
Sep 2, 2008 Bessy-Senior
OH look at that lil pink tongue! TOO CUTE! Hugs to you Wilfred... and you'll be growing up to be one very responsible young man :)
Sep 2, 2008 teddiepants
How heartbreaking to give him up, but what a wonderful job you do. Wilfred is a very lucky puppy and looks like he knows what a responsibility he'll shoulder. May you both have a wonderful year of just pure puppiness and love!
Sep 2, 2008 Larissa
wow what an amazing dog he is really tuned in a real old soul. Sending him a big hug x
Sep 2, 2008 spinoneyorkiemum
Wilfred you are beautiful! I love the picture of you with your blanket,so cute! Best of luck in your future career! Wishing you a long happy and healthy life.11 million biscuits and cuddles!xxx
Sep 2, 2008 caraschotch
There's nothing happier than a beautiful dog with a good job! You're a sweet boy, Wilfred, and I wish you many years of happiness with your people! Kisses and cuddles from Cara...
Sep 2, 2008 seteva
A fabulous little chap and he looks so wise and gentle xxxxxx
Sep 2, 2008 howiesmom
It sure doesn't get any cuter than that!!!!
Sep 2, 2008 puppyloveforme
He's a beautiful puppy. How wonderful to be a guide dog and assist someone who needs him. I think you're remarkable people!
Sep 2, 2008 pixiegal262
He looks so distinguished :). He's a very handsome pup and thank you for helping him to become an invaluable asset in someone's life. Guide dogs give people chances to live life better than they could without one. Good luck Wilfred on your guide dog travels and hopefully you will do your best to assist someone in having a better life.
Sep 2, 2008 Softpaws
Cute, adorable - all understatement!!! I can't tell you how floored I am by this guy! He's the best! A total charmer!
Sep 2, 2008 Softpaws
I need a cuddle from this one!
Sep 2, 2008 ebru
lots of kisses and biscuits for you xxx
Sep 2, 2008 Babsintoyland
OMG the cutist little guy ever! He is so adorable. a gzillion biscuits!
Sep 2, 2008 boo-bearsmom
Wow,wow, wow! God Bless you for being willing to love,teach, care for, share, prepare and the give this little guy up to an awesome cause! My goodness he is soooooo sweeeeet. Lots and lots of cuddles, snuggles belly rubs!
Sep 2, 2008 maddiesmom
this puppy is the cutest softest sweetet kindest smartest looking lab i have ever seen i think what you are doing is amazing but so hard to give him away!!! wow.
Sep 2, 2008 Ange2809
This photo reminds me so much of my little girl Chloe..and about .5 seconds later she'd be eating that plant! Wishing you many many happy and healthy years Wilfred you adorable little man!!! xoxoxo
Sep 2, 2008 3plus1makes5
Wilfred, You remind me of my Sandie when she was younger right now she's 9 years old but still cute and very loyal and loving. I know you will be a pretty guide dog because you care about very one not just yourself. XOXO forever!
Sep 2, 2008 longislander
This has to be the most beautiful puppy in the world, but I'm partial to retrievers. He is just gorgeous, and you're doing a wonderful thing, having him for a year to teach him manners. Best of luck to you both.
Sep 2, 2008 oldgreymare
Sep 2, 2008 romans839
Wow, how beautiful. I absolutely love the eyebrows! GOD bless your family!
Sep 2, 2008 HillCountryGal
Stopping to smell the "roses" while learning to be a guide dog! Thank you for giving him a good home AND enhancing another's life. What a wonderful face. Who couldn't love it??! :)
Sep 2, 2008 grandma helen of ct
Wilfred you have a wonderful life ahead of you helping people. Love you.xxxooo
Sep 2, 2008 sherry_morris
arghhhh too many cute pics - but this one -->>> toooooo cute ! and what a cool name !
Sep 2, 2008 cscarlettcmc
How precious you are!! Such a sweetheart. Hugs and kisses to you!!
Sep 2, 2008 tomncp
Wilfred in this photo looks very pretty. Especially his eyes looks cute.
Sep 2, 2008 GwdGma
What a cute cute face! Love the eyebrows. Enjoy your year with him, it would be hard for me to give him up!! But what a wonderful thing you are doing to help him make someone's life better..........
Sep 2, 2008 pamfontainepeters
What a wonderful puppy on such a noble mission!I'm sure you year together will fly by! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Sep 2, 2008 barbaranne423
WAY too cute! I LOVE Labs. You have a darling one.
Sep 2, 2008 lilyj
Wow, it was nearly impossible to choose a favorite photo. He is heart meltingly cute. Thank you for giving him a loving home as he prepares to perform an invaluable service. I am sure he will light up the life of whomever he serves, much like he so obviously does yours.
Sep 2, 2008 ozzy2975
Sep 2, 2008 tamwise21
So so cute.....................Love this pic.
Sep 2, 2008 ckendall
Wow this is one adorable little guy!! Just look at those eyes! They are so full of wisdom & love. He is ready to do a very noble job. Also love the pics of him and his blankie and the one with his tongue sticking out. Just way too cute!! Bless you for training him.
Sep 2, 2008 Zoie's Daddy
OH MY GOD, What an honer to have such a little man who is going to grow up to help the blind, I honestly couldn't do that, I would fall in love with all those little puppies and never want to give them up, it would just break my heart. All the pictures are just too good to choose just one, I had to pick this one because he has his little tongue sticking out LOL Zillions of cookies to you Wilfred. and GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Sep 2, 2008 PreciousHoudini
Baby pie! What an absolute luv! Whoever gets Wilfred as a guide dog is very lucky indeed. Enjoy your year with this sweetie . . . he's going to be a great service dog someday, once he outgrows some of his funny puppy antics!
Sep 2, 2008 guppy
He is really cute. Enjoy him alot.
Sep 2, 2008 ECHOBLIZZ
Bless you & this special beast! I'm sure he will pass 'school' with flying colors! LOOK at that face! He just KNOWS! However the win-win situation is....IF for some reason he doesn't graduate at top of his class, don't you get first DIBS to keep him? Ear rubbies & treats galore! And smooches too!
Sep 2, 2008 maywee
He is absolutely perfect! God Bless You for taking him for a year...You will be making someone very happy..He is absolutely beautiful!
Sep 2, 2008 mary v
I dont want my veggies!! -Bucky and Bailey's Mom
Sep 2, 2008 grtpeke
L-edOL at this pic - sticin his tongue out at us. Just love the visibrows. Really at cutie he is. And I have to admire you for raising him for a guide dog. I don't know how you are able to give them up...
Sep 2, 2008 dramey64
What a doll! I love all the pictures it was hard to pick one.
Sep 2, 2008 kerryllr
So cute! Looks like he's playing "peek a boo". I love all of these photos - he seems to radiate gentleness in his eyes and I'm sure he will be super at his profession!
Sep 2, 2008 puppylover_jade
awwww what a cutie hes so adorable - he looks so cudly and so playful - i hope you have lots of fun together and make lots of memories too.
Sep 2, 2008 pupluv66
i love this picture and all the pictures but this one he looks like he is saying there you go for taking sooo many pictures of me
Sep 2, 2008 benson
I wanted to pick every picture, it was so hard to pick a favorite! Have fun with this pretty boy for your year. I know he will be a great guide dog and whomever gets him is going to get one handsome lab. Lot's of belly rubs and bisquits.
Sep 2, 2008 labrilicious labradog
Oh, what a cutie! I just love those eyebrows!!
Sep 2, 2008 MilesBub
Oh my gosh!!! This little man has the most adorable face I have ever seen! I want to give him tons or hugs and kisses!
Sep 2, 2008 fritzy
Wilfred, you have the most adorable baby face!!! Now....go easy on the shoes, and the digging, well it depends what kind of buried treasures you are finding during this excercise! :) You are just so cute!!!
Sep 2, 2008 mrsmalice
wilfred is a beautiful puppy and is sure to be a wonderful guide dog lucky you for getting to raise him for his first year. mrsmalice
Sep 2, 2008 amyliz
Wilfred is astoundingly cute and sounds like one busy little guy! I'm sure he will be a wonderful and much-loved guide dog someday!
Sep 2, 2008 Yeatts
Ummmm...can I have him???? lol He is soooo cute!
Sep 2, 2008 daphne's mom
What a darling puppy! I hope you enjoy Wilfred while he is with you. I wouldn't be able to give him up! Lots of love and a long happy and healthy life to you Wilfred! I LOVE LABS!
Sep 2, 2008 baltimoregal
He is the cutest evar.
Sep 2, 2008 lovemydog
This has got to be the cutest lab puppy ever! How fortunate you are to have him for awhile. And what a blessing he will be to someone as a guide dog.
Sep 2, 2008 Lisaez1
Isn't it amazing that we pick names that match the dog. he looks like a Wilfred. He will be a wonderful guide dog as he looks so calm and easy going. I can see how he has stolen your hearts!! What a handsome fellow.
Sep 2, 2008 Lisaez1
He's sticking his tounge out at us!!!!! What a cutey!!!!!
Sep 2, 2008 whippoorwill
Every single picture of your precious boy, Wilfred, simply melted my heart. He's so lucky to have a wonderful home for his training! How will you ever give him up?
Sep 2, 2008 shellyrini
oh my goodness, my heart cannot take the cuteness of this darling. I am just cracking up at my desk right now. Labs are so expressive with their eye brows and it makes them so irresistible. I have a 2 year old lab and it is hard to believe he was that little once. For me there is NO breed cuter than labs and retrievers. They just scream cute and this little sweety is the perfect reason why. I am soooo in love!!!!!! God bless you little guy
Sep 2, 2008 DaisyMay
WOW!!!! What a beautiful lab face. O how hard it would B to give him up But he will B a wonderful guide to someone and all your hard work will pay off.....enjoy your yr.....with him
Sep 2, 2008 mydexy
Beautiful dog. It's great that you want to help the world.
Sep 2, 2008 BaxterBear
what a sweet face, love the eyebrows!
Sep 2, 2008 kellykoala
"Can I get a belly wub, please?" Aw... what an adorable pup! Wilfred is amazingly cute! I just want to go up to my computer and snuggle with him! 11 biscuits! Take all you want!
Sep 2, 2008 Devi
What a sweet little face and such soulful eyes.
Sep 2, 2008 BasiL
I admire you for knowing that you will give up this beauty after one year! It breaks my heart just thinking aabout it!
Sep 2, 2008 djmc
Wilfred you are just the cutest baby. All the pictures are just wonderful!!!! who could'nt love that face. Many happy years together. Many biscuits and belly rubs
Sep 2, 2008 doglover_123
your dog is soooooooo cute
Sep 2, 2008 RichiePhoto
So many good pix, but in this one, it looks like he's saying: "I'm ready to do my duty as a guide dog & go to work!"
Sep 2, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
He is so precious!!!!!!!!
Sep 2, 2008 jlenski
I truly think this is the cutest yellow lab I've ever seen!! I'm so happy for you to be a part of his training and I hope he makes his new owners one day jsut as happy!
Sep 2, 2008 kathyd125
Yellow labs - my favorite! Wilfred is painfully adorable - I love him! Hide your shoes and you should make it through puppyhood OK. Enjoy him, love him, and belly rubs every day for him!
Sep 2, 2008 usfour
I finally picked a photo - they are all beyond adorable. Puppies do not get any cuter than this. Many cuddles and belly rubs Wilfred - you are a precious doll.
Sep 2, 2008 maddie the dog
Mom- I wasn't done with my nap yet. He is so amazing. You will do such a great job leading someone some day. This breed is amazing.
Sep 2, 2008 lucybee
Look at that gorgeous, earnest little face! He is going to be someone's lifeline to a bigger world through his service.Bless you for training him to lead and protect.He's clearly a special little guy.
Sep 2, 2008 cheryl
First off, this guy drew my attention because Wilfred is my father's name...not that my father was ever anywhere near this cute. I do hope he doesn't turn out to be as stubborn as my father.
Sep 2, 2008 mummm
What a quizzical look Wilfred has here! I'm also sure that he will be a great guide dog! He's very handsome too.
Sep 2, 2008 Moosey
What a beautiful boy you are, Wilfred! Blessings to you and your owners for the wonderful work you do!!! Labs are the best!!!
Sep 2, 2008 newmiesmom
What a cutie pie! His eyes look so caring and understanding. Bless you for the great work you are doing on preparing him to be a guide dog. Enjoy and tons of hugs!
Sep 2, 2008 Puppy Power
Sep 2, 2008 gizmo's mom
Wilfred is just too beautiful and the sweetest little face in the world, how unselfish of you, I could never give him up.
Sep 2, 2008 2labbiegirls
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I think you have the cutest labby puppy I have ever seen!! That face is SO sweet! Enjoy your time with him - kudos to you for raising a service dog!
Sep 2, 2008 dailypuppyfan
He is adorable. Love the eyebrows! They make him look so serious, almost like he is aware that he will have a very important job. Bless you and sweet little Wilbur.
Sep 2, 2008 mkesj
What a perfect labrador head. Handsome Wilbur.
Sep 2, 2008 superhedgie
So cute. This little lad is so adorable.
Sep 2, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
I love Wilfred sticking out his tongue! He is precious.
Sep 2, 2008 volcanoes
this guy is impossibly cute.
Sep 2, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
"That's what I think about the WHOLE THING!!!" He is absolutely adorable! Belly rubs galore. All the biscuits he can ever eat.
Sep 2, 2008 jluv1016
He is toooo cute and his eyes are so droopy :) and i love his tongue sticking out :D
Sep 2, 2008 dogs are best
O M G , BEAUTY AT ITS BEST , i have an almost matching little girl who is lighter in color , but the same great expressions !! i wish you so much love and success with this baby , and what a rewarding life for him helping others , god bless all involved !!
Sep 2, 2008 Beth1226
He looks like he's going to grow up to be a hero! What a sweetie!
Sep 2, 2008 shell242
There is something extra cute about this Lab! Maybe his expressions?!? Kudo's for you for taking on the difficult task of raising a beautiful guide dog. Good Karma come back twice as strong for people that go out of their way to help others!
Sep 2, 2008 LauraW_KS
He is soooo cute!!! What a complete Sugar Pie!!! 11 bones and many smooches!
Sep 2, 2008 lalindamore
LABS RULE!!!!!!!! You are soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! Tons of biscuits for you dear Wilfred. Have a great life. XXXOOO ;)
Sep 2, 2008 adrianhcole
Way to go Wilfred ... puppy of the day!
Sep 2, 2008 doggone1973
Wilfred is such a beautiful baby and i am sure he is going to make a wonderful guide dog and companion to someone.
Sep 2, 2008 lh9313
aww how cute , i love the name as well and his wrinkly little nose!!
Sep 2, 2008 lh9313
aww thats tooooooooo cute!
Sep 2, 2008 NBDZR
I love him!! he is so cute. I just want to cuddle him.... thank you for making my day. 1 million cookies and belly rubs for you
Sep 2, 2008 melwri0881
i love him...he is one gorgeous pup
Sep 2, 2008 jpowers
This is the cutest pic ever!!! He must be lots of fun!
Sep 2, 2008 doggielvr
Digging those tunnels just shows that Wilfred is willing to be a Very Hard Worker and a great Guide Dog! Have a Happy Puppyhood little Wilfred, and Good Luck to you in your future career!
Sep 2, 2008 weenie's mom
What a great job you and this little guy will be doing to help others!!! Thanks to you and him:)
Sep 2, 2008 cbnagrl
I can't pick a favorite!!! This has to be the cutest dog ever.....EVER!!! I would eat him:)
Sep 2, 2008 mclove23
Cute dog!All the pictures are great!
Sep 2, 2008 beth
...oh my gosh he's c-u-t-e!!!!
Sep 2, 2008 NickiBoomers
Love his ears!!!!! there perfect
Sep 2, 2008 2000cockermom
Wilfred is so noble looking except when he is sleeping half out of his bed! What a gorgeous puppy.
Sep 2, 2008 gryt
What a little sweetheart!
Sep 2, 2008 Rickysmom
Wilfred is absolutely beautiful. I love this puppy. I can't believe how precious he is.
Sep 2, 2008 jodi
I don't know how you'll be able to give him up when the time comes. That face!!!! He is precious!!!
Sep 2, 2008 2000cockermom
It looks like Wilfred has just scoped out a great adventure and is telling you that all is clear!
Sep 2, 2008 tazzysmom
;p right back at you! Go out there and show the world what you've got, Wilfred. My favorites; dogs who help the blind and people who love them, then send them off to do their job.
Sep 2, 2008 teddy's mom
i love his eyes!!! it was so so sooooo hard to pick one picture..all of his pictures are adorable! in this one it looks like he has had a long day digging tunnels and exploring under hedge stuff :)lots n lots of love and hugs to little wilfred
Sep 2, 2008 sunbee
Love this picture! Very cute little guy.
Sep 2, 2008 papajoe
Don't give this treasure up. Tell the guide dog people to find another dog. Look at that face! I like all dogs and puppies but I have never seen one as appealing as Wilfred. I would make him the wallpaper for my desktop but seeing his photo every day would make me sad that he was not mine.
Sep 2, 2008 msh85
Sep 2, 2008 vandalsmom
Little Willy is too cute for words, this coming from someone who prefers the tiny guys. Whether or not he becomes a guide dog, he will make a lucky family very, very happy. Enjoy.
Sep 2, 2008 Mattie2k
He is soo cute! I've always wanted to foster a guide dog puppy but my mom is allergic and i was lucky to get the dog i have. But he's adorable!!!!!!
Sep 2, 2008 Wifred Fan Club
Congrats Wilfred! You're a wee superstar alreasy! Eagerly awaiting your visit to the office during your training! :D (Lovin' those brows!)
Sep 2, 2008 lizanne
Oh my gosh, what a sweet little guy. Wilfred is a love and I just know he will be a wonderful service dog. Right now he is just sweet being a puppy and charming everyone with his beautiful eyes and cuddly little puppy looks. Hugs to all from Elizabeth & Dane Miss Katie=O) NY-USA
Sep 2, 2008 sputnik
Each picture cuter than the next!! Oh, Wilfred! You've stolen my heart a thousand times over... Labs Rule! I cannot get over how beautiful he is!!
Sep 2, 2008 katie3551
this little pup reminds me of that commercial about the pup that dosen't have bugs " there an't no bugs on me, there an't no bugs on me, there may be bugs on some of you mugs but there an't no bugs on me" soooooooooooooooo cute
Sep 2, 2008 lisalisa
Oh, the curious baby! It'll be so hard to part with this sweetie pie when the time comes, but he has a noble job ahead of him! I hope you enjoy all the time you have with him before he begins his career. He's so pretty and special!
Sep 2, 2008 vorner
Magnificent! He is absolutely gorgeous and the soulful little face touches my heart. God bless you little Wilfred. May you have a long, happy, healthy life filled with love. I hope you are treated like the sweetheart you are, and you get to have fun sometimes when you are grown. If you were my dog, I would adore you always. A million biscuits and tummy rubs for this angel. XOXOXO
Sep 2, 2008 sdv in slc
How can I possibly pick a favorite photo of Wilfred? He is absolutely precious!!! I can tell he is going to excel as a guide dog. He looks very wise and knowing already. Aaaahhhhh, I can't stand how cute he is!!!!!!
Sep 2, 2008 lalamcgoo
Oh my stars, if ever a dog had a human face its this little charmer... i mean c,mon, have you ever seen anything like this? The name is too much too, I dont know how you will be able to part with this precious little guy, his pics are all awesome, he is definately special and will make someone very happy. Bless your heart for being able to train him and give him up, he is a heart-breaker.
Sep 2, 2008 lalamcgoo
Woops, forgot to comment on the first thing I noticed about wilfred, LOVE those eyebrows!!!! Kiss-Kiss-Kiss!!!!
Sep 2, 2008 Ace's mom
Look at that sweet soulful face!! I can't believe he has ever done anything naughty!! It's going to be very hard to give this cutie-pie up!! But I'm sure he will make a great guide dog!!
Sep 2, 2008 BassBone
I love labs, and this one is especially precious. I am so glad he's going to be a guide do. It is such a noble cause.
Sep 2, 2008 allmyshelties
OMG!! This has to be the cutest puppy EVER!! He looks so earnest in this pic & it was so hard to pick a favorite, they were all incredibly precious. You are doing wonderful work as a puppy raiser but it's almost not fair to start you out with one so unbelievable cute. You will truly make a difference in someone's life & if that's not reward enough, you will have a year of puppy love to boot. God bless you all.
Sep 2, 2008 sac4563
What a beautiful puppy!!! He looks so cute with his blankie! Best of luck with him.
Sep 2, 2008 liltinker
This is a picture perfect puppy if I have ever seen one. I love his whole body! His little face has the so much characture. Thanks for making my day and sharing Wilfred.
Sep 2, 2008 pawprint1513
omg! honetsly could this poocj be any cuter??? im jealous! out-of-this-world adorable!
Sep 2, 2008 lotsapets
A sweet face, and I'm sure the personality matches, too !!! :^)
Sep 2, 2008 pawprint1513
awwwwwwwwwwww! the leaf is in his mouth!!!!! sooo sweet!
Sep 2, 2008 bellamaire
Wow! He is adorable! What a wonderful thing you are doing with him. I can only imagine how bitter-sweet it will be to give him up in a year...but will be so rewarding to know what a gift he will be to someone in need.
Sep 2, 2008 gail koup
Wilfred, you don't get much cuter than you! You have it all! You will make one fantastic guide dog! I wish you all the best in your training and I hope you get a wonderful owner who will give you lots of love! Loads of love and biscuits to you and your parents! :-)
Sep 2, 2008 luckyangel
omg!this pup is to cute!who woundnt like that cute adorable face!you must be very proud!he will definely make a very good guide dog!I hope you have a good time with him!
Sep 2, 2008 dazydo
OMG! the cutest little pup ever!! I totally love you!
Sep 2, 2008 pjamas10
aww wilfred is adorable! He looks like a little old man with a name to match! So faved!
Sep 2, 2008 jtrap8
That is the sweetest puppy I have every seen!!
Sep 2, 2008 kafein
Oh, happy dog, oh, happy dog! This little fella is going to break some girl lab's heart one day. He's totally awesome!
Sep 2, 2008 RayC
What a wise looking little boy for his young age. I hope he has time for fun alongside his responsibilities. A bit sad that his future owner won't know how cute he looks now.
Sep 2, 2008 susan barker
I love this picture of Wilfred with his blanket. I applaud you for raising a guide dog, but I couldn't be so selfless. With a face like that how could you give him up? Lots of biscuits and belly rubs for Wilfred!!!
Sep 2, 2008 NewPup
OHhhh, LOOOOOK at THAT FAAACE!!!! How absolutely, entirely, compleeeetely precious!!! I wish I could pic EVVVVERY picture! I LOVE him! Eleven biscuits sweetheart! You have a wonderful life now, Wilford...promise?!=D
Sep 2, 2008 NewPup
...i just can't resist! this is one of the most melt-your-heart pupppies you've had on here, Mr./Mme. site owner! i'm stunned with warm-fuzzy happiness seeing all his pics, thanks soO much!=)
Sep 2, 2008 honeypie
What a handsome boy! He is certain to be a blessing too!! 11++++++ biscuits
Sep 2, 2008 lucyny2000
It happened that I flipped throw the pictures at work without reading the introduction, and came back to it at home to tell you that Wilfred is the Most Beautiful Yellow Lab I've ever seen! And after reading his story, I understand you are doing a wonderful thing which I would never be able to do! I could never ever part with my dog after one year of kisses, caddling, wolking, playing, and sleeping together! I totally relate to my dogs like to my children! As about Wilfred, I just adore his puffy lips, I would kiss them all day! The picture with his tongue out made me laugh! He is something else for sure! I am absolutely smitten! Every biscuit with a blessing your way, Wilfred!
Sep 2, 2008 shirley petreye
This is one of God's furry earth angels. He is such a beautiful puppy. You are so brave. I know he will be assisting a more than deserving soul in time, but it would break my heart to have to give him up. God Bless you and Wilfred.
Sep 2, 2008 lisa518
What a cutie!! I would love to play with this little guy. He's going to be a wonderful member of your family. Lots of hugs and biscuits!!
Sep 2, 2008 lisa518
sorry... actually he'll be a wonderful member of whoever's family he goes to live with. I sure wouldn't be able to let him go. Much credit to you for doing what you are doing.
Sep 2, 2008 In Memory of Annie
God Bless you. I am too selfish. I could never let him go. He is gorgeous and you are doing a wonderful thing!
Sep 2, 2008 k9ncats
I applaud you for being able to "let go" after your pup is done with training. I know that he is going to be such a help to an individual who really needs him. Bless you and your furry helper/friend.
Sep 2, 2008 bopeep
I received an email from a friend about Wilfred, whose comment "Wilfred, looks like God's given him ALL the answers, but he can't speak. That does seem to fit Wilfred to a T. I just know Wilfred will be an exceptional guide dog and whoever gets him is one super lucky person. I wish we could keep track of his progress. Hugs, kisses and a box of biscuits for Wilfred from Kansas.
Sep 2, 2008 podday
Such an obedient looking boy So very handsome Lots of hugs and kisses
Sep 2, 2008 cookieyordon
OMG, I think I'm in love. I only have eyes for you Wilfred. Beautiful dog, cutest name & and an angel of guidance.
Sep 2, 2008 bartnbabe'smom
I so admire you for fostering him as a guide dog.This pic with his tongue stuck out is just so cute. I would not be able to give one up after a year but you know he is going to a great home. Good luck to you all.
Sep 2, 2008 amper
Adorable! What a precious face.
Sep 2, 2008 twosweethounds
I know there is a special place in heaven for people like you, and for dogs like Wilfred. God bless.
Sep 2, 2008 Gus'sMom
What a cute boy! May you and your family enjoy this upcoming year with your special puppie. Its nice to hear there are such wonderful selfless people willing to help others in need. Thanks for sharing your story and good luck!
Sep 2, 2008 izzykitty
What a little cutie. I want to snuggle with it. lol
Sep 2, 2008 AmBullyGirls
You can't much cuter than that!!!
Sep 2, 2008 locknloadz
great looking dog, love the pictures
Sep 2, 2008 Doggylover410
Sep 2, 2008 krystan
"Honest, i was just checking out the plumbing"
Sep 2, 2008 tmacedcc
He is beautiful...He loves his binkie...LOL
Sep 2, 2008 krystan
wilfred is such a handsome puppy, and i bet he is just as smart as he is handsome. Looks like he is saying "Yes? may i help you? You got an invitation?"
Sep 2, 2008 krystan
Now, who could NOT love that sweet little face? That smoochable, snuggable, face. A bazillion tummy rubs,smoochies, and puppy treats wilfred, study hard and play hard.
Sep 2, 2008 jjenner273 cute and I just love those eyebrows!
Sep 2, 2008 flashsma
Too Cute!
Sep 2, 2008 infantrywife
He is absolutely adorable! You know, he kinda reminds me of Winnie the Pooh with those little eyebrows and his sweet face :) I wish you luck on his special training!
Sep 2, 2008 lovinlabs
Such expression! I love those sideways glances that labs are famous for. His look really melts you with those eyebrows. He is a DOLL! My labs love their blankies too. ENJOY and good luck with the training. I'm sure he will be awesome!
Sep 2, 2008 polskamatt
my golden reitriver dog had pupps and just look like them. God bless you
Sep 2, 2008 malawi
Truly one of the cutest pups ever on this forum. He is beyond adorable. You are doing a wonderful thing. I would so fall in love with this little guy. Ah well.
Sep 2, 2008 BananaFish
Why is he so adorable? Mmmmmwah! A million biscuits and even more hugs and kisses to you, Wilfred! :-)
Sep 2, 2008 Mrvisions
Well Wilfred, I've had better days. My toaster served it last piece of burnt toast, as I launched it into the field, just when I thought I had figured out the source of my computer problems they came back. But you young Wilfred made my day, you are just about the cutest lab puppy on the planet. thanks for brightening my day
Sep 2, 2008 NewPup
I wuvvv you Wilfred!!! I wish you could come and biscuit, er, I mean ViSiT, evvvvery WEEK!!!
Sep 3, 2008 doggieaunt
You have more willpower than I (no pun intended); I don't think I would be able to part with Wilfred after spending a year with him!! He's soooooo cute, and I suspect he's going to be a fabulous, plucky guide dog when he grows up.
Sep 3, 2008 WilfredsMum
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all your wonderful comments. Wilf's had many a cuddle and belly rub from you all! I know it will be hard to give him up after a year but we're the lucky ones really - getting to spend a year with this little guy!
Sep 3, 2008 katzy1
What an absolute doll baby! It was so hard to choose a favorite pic. The little wrinkle on his nose is too cute!
Sep 3, 2008 Techpinklady02
This has to be the sweetest photo ever, those sweet little eyes just say it all!
Sep 3, 2008 dukeluver
aww funny! have fun!! xoxo
Sep 3, 2008 gmn08
he's the best--I admire you, I could never part with him after a year, even after a day!! We lost our beautiful female yellow lab on 3/24, the day after Easter and can hardly wait unitl we are able to get another.
Sep 3, 2008 piobaire
HA!! Wilfred, it would break my heart to have to give you away, even if your life as a guide dog would be totally noble. I stick my tongue out right back at you. And send you oodles of love and cookies. Your blind person is surely going to be blessed.
Sep 3, 2008 Georgie
Looks like he has got a favourite blanket!!
Sep 3, 2008 lalamcgoo
I had to come back again today and look at him and forward to people.... he is so darn adorable, someone said he looked like Winnie the Pooh- you are so right!! If Wilfred lived with me his head and face would be covered in lip gloss, I couldnt stop kissing him!!!
Sep 3, 2008 Pug#1
He is sooo adorable.
Sep 3, 2008 ecpjll
he is sooo cute!And I really love the pic of him with his toungue sticking made me laugh. Thanks!
Sep 3, 2008 puppy world
he looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and smart he acts like he smart and he hynaties people with his cute little black tiny wity eyes and he goes to dog school he listen and loves playing games and sports but in this pictures he naughty he sticks his tounge out of other dogs bad dog but cute he satnds straight and listens isent he cute when he does that and he wants to be a hunter because hes a good sniffer
Sep 3, 2008 cutiepie108
can i say, ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 3, 2008 pupfan
o my gosh she so cute!!!!!!!!love u already!:)lots and lots of cookies!!!OXOXOXOXOXXXXXXXX
Sep 3, 2008 Georgie
looks like he's got a favourite blankit!! xxxx
Sep 4, 2008 bonaircat
what a FACE!!
Sep 4, 2008 Mrs. Gentry
Oh my, how cute. What a great shot, I bet you couldn't get this one twice. I just love Lab puppies, they are so much fun. I know Wilfred with have a long, happy & important life. Lots of kisses & belly rubs.
Sep 4, 2008 mikdebluvpups
such cuteness!
Sep 4, 2008 jourdanemma
im in love with this puppy!
Sep 4, 2008 nyt
can you spell adorable or what!?!
Sep 5, 2008 lagnaf853
what a sweetheart. his eyes are amazing. he will grow up to be an awesome dog. xxx oooo xxx and lots of biscuts
Sep 5, 2008 puppydog
Wilfred is so cute. I've heard thet these dogs are really smart, I think he'll be perfact for the job.
Sep 5, 2008 puppydog
Sep 6, 2008 xdogsandpuppiesx
Awwwww my cousin has a yellow lab called Charlie I think Wilfred + Charlie would be friends!!! :D
Sep 7, 2008 dogsrule1
I love Wilfred!! He is sticking out his tounge at the camera! CUTE! XX
Sep 7, 2008 puppy luvr :P the tongue!! i have a lab mix. he is quite the handfull (but not in a bad way)!!!! :D
Sep 7, 2008 fluffydoglover123
Sep 7, 2008 cookiemonster
Sep 8, 2008 BorderCollie
Wilfred is a good name. Oh, I need somebody to comment my two dogs please!
Sep 8, 2008 Shih tzu Owner
He is so cute and sweet looking!!! I just love puppies...all He is going to be a beautiful dog when he grows up...because he is a awesome looking puppy!!
Sep 9, 2008 Labluver79
Oh my goodness that is a cute little puppy face
Sep 9, 2008 willard06
Aww! What a cute little puppy!
Sep 9, 2008 Friendtoalldogs
Sep 11, 2008 *my4d0gs@recute*
Oh so mature! Love and kisses!
Sep 16, 2008 Gabi
That dog remindes me of my dig Rufus, because he layes around, and you can't resist that cute little face!
Sep 16, 2008 Littlepuppenny12
Ha Ha ha!!! wat an adorable little picture!!! it makes me cry!!1it just to cute!!!!
Sep 18, 2008 ShelleySadie
Awww...I didn't know which photo to pick, so cos they are all so fab! He's beautiful. I'm not sure I could give him up after a year, but I think it's a fabulous thing that you are doing in training him.
Sep 18, 2008 bgarfield
It sounds like somebody just said biscuits! You get 1000000000 biscuits from Steph and Britney! Cute overload!
Sep 18, 2008 OESlover82
I love the tongue photo - it's the cutest thing. My dog does it all the time and I always want to take a picture. He looks like the Advantix dog. I give you kudos for doing the guide dog training - I definately couldn't give him up.
Sep 20, 2008 Golden Puppy Princess
ahh skuck he is so cute in all my year of puppy loveing he is one of the bes CUTE
Sep 20, 2008 Golden Puppy Princess
Sep 25, 2008
You should just keep him for yourself. I love him to death!1!! Enjoy him while he's young...He's gonna be a big boy!
Sep 28, 2008 drakes' granny
You can get yourself in trouble for sticking out your tongue at someone. They would not get mad though because you are so cute. Enjoy life and I hope you receive many treats for being so good.
Sep 28, 2008 Redd
ADORABLE! Looks like he just got in trouble!
Sep 30, 2008 melissa99
absolutely adorable.
Oct 3, 2008 ABC
how cute
Jan 8, 2009 rachelbuddy
He is soooo cute!
Dec 13, 2010 pelligrino
I od and awd when I saw Wilfreds sweet face! It would kill me to have to give him up, so God bless you for training him. Wilfred is so adorable, who ever gets him will be very fortunate.
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