Winnepesaukee the Jack Russell Terrier

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Winnepesaukee's mom says: We got Winni, after our JRT of 13 years died last Thanksgiving. She is hard to get to stay still enough to take pictures! I love the one where she is on the tree trunk because she always wants to be up high, and has the agility to get there. She loves to hike, usually going around 4times the length that we are, as there are many stone walls, trees another things that must be climbed. Often people will remark that she will get nice and tired out after a hike, but she never does. If we had the energy to go more, she would. In the majority of pictures here, she wants an apple, but the apple has a bee on it, and she'd already been stung once, and didn't want to get stung again! She has a regular barking route, each morning she circles the property to send out the warnings to any others who might want to come. She is a beautiful dog,but has no idea of that, however, she strikes up show poses quite unconsciously. She loves to wrestle with our boys, and fetch a ball,but she is never happier than when she captures her favorite prey, the ferocious vole. She is not a replacement for our other JRT, but a whole addition on her own.