Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Jan 8, 2008 Teeru
A dog or a monkey? ha ha ha so naughty. 10000 biscuits.
Jan 8, 2008 mochiislove
She's beautiful! She looks very playful. :)
Jan 8, 2008 sylvanbliss
Winnepesaukee is a big name for a little girl!

Some how, I think if Winni looked at me like this....she'd have my heart. It's good to be happy again after loosing such a good friend. May Winni bring you many exuberant JRT days!

I once had a great summer on Lake Winnepesaukee!
Jan 8, 2008 maddie's mom
isnt she a parson russell terrier bc of her long legs???
winni is amazing especially those eyes looks like she has make up on...
i have a prt also, maddie, and she is our pride and joy
Jan 8, 2008 suelill
Winni sure looks a lively little handful. What a cutie. Have a lovely life Winni.
Jan 8, 2008 Mikkimrado
She's got so much life in her!!! I love this fidgety little one! Wish u many many years of happiness with her.

Happy 2008!
Jan 8, 2008 howiesmom
Cute Cute Cute!! Lucky You!!
Jan 8, 2008 llt214
Look!! I can climb a tree!! I love a spunky little dog! Winni, you are absolutely gorgeous! Your face just melts my heart! Puppy smooches to you, pretty girl!
Jan 8, 2008 RonDog
Winnie, you are absolutely beautiful! Wishing you and your humans a very long and happy life together!
Jan 8, 2008 Grandma Helen of CT
WOW ..........I wish I had her energy!!!!!
Jan 8, 2008 whoopiwho
What a bundle of joy!! Such beautiful markings. Just wish all the advertisements didn't cover most of his pictures and your story...
Jan 8, 2008 KuvaszKountry
Winni is terrific and has nice coloring...I like the tri-color...they call this breed "the dog with the human brain" and you can see it in her eyes that she is cognitively thinking, reasoning. I'm getting my first PRT the first weekend in February. They are very smart and very challenging. Tall or short, ALL terrier!!! Best wishes to you and yours.
Jan 8, 2008 sue
shes beautiful. i have a seven month old jack russel terrier called rosie she is a quite a handful
Jan 8, 2008 lvanga
winni your soooo cute! JRT are a lot of fun and a super lot of energy! great dogs happy and love to keep moving! she is just what a JRT should be! I'm so happy she has such a great home! love her so much rub that belly for me! you go winni! best wishes for many years to come! Lori from New Jersey
Jan 8, 2008 yujismom
is this a picture of winni trying to figure out which candidate to vote for in the NH primary tonite?
Jan 8, 2008 rosy
She is just gorgeous!! Billions of biscuits and Hugs to Winni!!
Jan 8, 2008 dogzrock
she's delightful! and what a lovely name - though i think she will take some time to grow into it! :) i wish you many happy years together.
Jan 8, 2008 DogMom
She is so cute I cannot handle it!!!! You have one gorgeous little jrt, there. Kisses on her little nose from me (if she will sit still for it :-)) I hope you enjoy many happy, funfilled years with this cutie pie!
Jan 8, 2008 wittletutty
he's the wittlest wittle tutty in the whole wide worlddddd
Jan 8, 2008 k_cyn
[color=green]Oh Winni you are too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you and want to climb trees with you! You are ADORABLE :)
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you!!!
Happy New Year and best wishes always!!![/color]
Jan 8, 2008 rexandbaby
Such a happy face! Our JRT Baby would just love to be friends, except, she hates to be up high!
Jan 8, 2008 FRITZY
Who is having fun???? Winnie!!! Adorable!!! There is nothing like playing outside. It brings such joy when the furry guys are having fun!!!
Jan 8, 2008 stormsamson
What a sweet, adorable little dog!! Winnie is simply gorgeous and I know she will keep you busy and well entertained. Many blessed years of good health and lovins'!
Jan 8, 2008 clemency
What a cute dog!! And it sounds like she is very smart, too!
Jan 8, 2008 litlshell
She's very cute! I've heard that JRT's are VERY high energy dogs!
Jan 8, 2008 Dale End Farm
Maddie's Mom: Winni is not a Parson Russell Terrier. She is not an AKC dog. She will be (she can't be registered until she is a year, and fulfills the criteria of the JRTCA) part of the oldest registry of JRT in the country (See

She is very loving and cute!
Jan 8, 2008 pippasmom
What a big name for a little pup! She's so cute and I can tell she's full of energy! I would love to see her climbing the trees. Maybe she needs a little tree house to climb up to.
Jan 8, 2008 tazziesmom
What a doll!
Jan 8, 2008 LabMom
Jan 8, 2008 adamaris
What a cutie!!!
Hugs and kisses, Winni!!!
Jan 8, 2008 kg6ejp
Absolutely adorable! Looks just like my families Jack Russel terrier; Tracker.
Jan 8, 2008 wittletutty
too ratty! one biscut!
Jan 8, 2008 jaccikay
I am sorry for your loss, and happy for your new addition and family. Yes, you have your hands full....they have energy that goes on and on and on. They need alot of exercise. God Bless you all, and I love the pictures!
Jan 8, 2008 Squiggy
[color =red]Shes so adorable!!!!!!!!!! [/color] lots and lots of biscuts for her
Jan 8, 2008 piobaire
Too funny!! She'll keep you on your toes for sure!! Have fun with her!
Jan 8, 2008 DeenDude
[b] Awwwwwwwwww TO MUCH CUTENESSS!!!! [b]
Jan 8, 2008 goldenlover
" All those other dogs run or walk. I bounce!!"
Jan 8, 2008 Daphne's Mom
What a cutie! I'm sorry for your loss but am glad you found another baby to love. I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Sloppy puppy kisses from my little girl Daphne. Lots of love and biscuits from me!
Jan 8, 2008 dicampok
Great name for a great dog. I'm a big terrier fan. Have fun with her.
Jan 8, 2008 chipsmom
What a cutie!! 11+++++++ Biscuits!!
Jan 8, 2008 pupsrule
What a total doll - such a cutie and high, high energy and loads of personality. Enjoy this little beauty. Hope you can keep up with her!
Jan 8, 2008 anniebabes52
oh my gosh............what an adorable face, one that melts my heart. Winni you are just too cute! Tons of hugs, kisses, and biscuits. Enjoy!
Jan 8, 2008 mqm501
Jan 8, 2008 randomearrings
What beautiful, 'melt your heart' eyes Winni has, utterly adorable! 11++++ biscuits xx
Jan 8, 2008 bopeep
Winni has the most expressive face. The intelligence shines, besides that she is cute. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Jan 8, 2008 dkritter
WHAT a cute patootie!!! I love the picture of her on the tree, that's not a very normal everyday thing to see-haha! She looks like a doll!
Jan 8, 2008 ceallaig
What a smile, and what a wonderful name! Each new furbaby is an individual, never a replacement, and that's the way it should be. Enjoy her for many years to come!
Jan 8, 2008 honeypie
What a pretty girl! I wish you and yours many years of JRT fun! 11111...biscuits
Jan 8, 2008 Kristen Davis
Soooooo Cute!
Jan 8, 2008 snoopysnake
I LOOOOOOVE her name! I have a lot of current and departed family members with homes or cottages up at Lake Winnepesaukee. She is such a bright, pretty girl. You are blessed to have her!
Jan 8, 2008 2pups1kit
a very cute pup!
Jan 8, 2008 tambore
Wow, what a girl! Can picture her a.m. barking ritual which shows how smart she is...... hysterical. The JTRs I've known are in a class (or should I say breed) all their own and Winnepesaukee will probably lead the pack. Know you'll have so many happy and hilarious moments, Winni.
Jan 8, 2008 guido's mama
too cute for words. whatta pup pup!
Jan 8, 2008 caraschotch
Hi Winni! You're a beautiful girl--- what a head! She looks as if she's a Fox Run or a Firestorm dog--- beautiful lines and would probably be a great worker in the field. My two would LOVE to play with Winni! Tons of biscuits for you!
Jan 8, 2008 PuppyPal
I just love hearing about the puppys' personalities. Thanks, mom, for painting such a colorful picture of Winni. Our pup was also stung by a bee, right on her nose, and within minutes looked like the Elephant Man. Now, if I merely say the word, bee, she runs and hides. I can't get over how she's climbed up on that tree. What a fun pup! In Joy!
What an adorable little darling!!!!! i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!! (can u believe some people say im a spaz)
Jan 8, 2008 bookworm97rocks
she is so cute im speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!millon s and millons of biscuts!
Jan 8, 2008 Terry C
He's adorable!
Jan 8, 2008 Shirley Petreye
Winnie is a lovely little girl. Best of luck. May you share a long and happy life together.
Jan 8, 2008 Mummm
I love Winnie... how CUTE!
Jan 9, 2008 Jennifer163
So cute!!!!!!!!!
Jan 9, 2008 Maltese Crew
Love this cutie pup!
I vacation at that lake every summer..hope to see you!!!!
Jan 9, 2008 cheleon
Oh dear - a puppy up a tree - what a little honey. And those agile, long legs!! Wow. Have a long and healthy life, lovely, little Winnie. :)
Jan 9, 2008 cheleon
Oh dear - a puppy up a tree - what a little honey. And those agile, long legs!! Wow. Have a long and healthy life, lovely, little Winnie. :)
Jan 9, 2008 jrterriermom
"Just taking a quick break, ok i'm done, ready to go again." What a cutie pie! Belly rubs from Concord, NH.
Jan 9, 2008 rileydog4
Oh my goodness she is SO beautiful!!! Could I possibly get the breeder info? She looks just like my 10 yr JRT that I am IN LOVE with and would love to know where I could find one as cute and loving as he is. Thanks so much!! You can either respond here or email me at

Thanks and congrats on such a beautiful girl!!
Jan 9, 2008 LisaLisa
What an adorable tree-climbing sweetie pie! precious!!!!
Jan 10, 2008 Kim Chung Lee
oh what a cuddily wuddily dogggy doggy!!! i wanna snuggle him and cuddle him all day!!!
Jan 10, 2008 tazjt
What a sweetie! Much love and kisses!
Jan 10, 2008 MusherMaggie
Nothing like a JRT, is there? I have 2! Your Winni is precious--I wish you many years of happiness with her! Belly rubs and puppy kisses to Winni, and unlimited biscuits!
Jan 10, 2008 mak3nzie473
AWWWWWWW those eyes omg they got me hes soooo cute. i will give him 10000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000 biscuits he rules. that is one awesome dog. u rescued and i thank u for rescuing him cause he is soooo adorable.
Jan 11, 2008 Jennb3
I love this picture HUGE SMILES!! They never take the place but they do help heal the heart! Many years of love with your newest baby!
Jan 16, 2008 kirtly74
wow i didnt know that dogs could climb trees! haha so cute! :)
Jan 17, 2008 Vickie07
Aww she is sooooo cute, in this picture she reminds me of my jack russell Mylo he is a bundle of joy to.. x
Apr 4, 2008 Melissa99
She is just gorgeous:) I have always loved a dog with a tree climbing additude! She is really cute too. I know that she will live a happy, healthy long life! :) :) :) :) [/color]
Sep 20, 2008 gracietuckercharlie123
wow! he has TALENT!!!
Feb 9, 2009 snasser
Her face is so similar to my pups...
Feb 18, 2009 Nanners1997
aww so sofisticated!!!!!!!!!!! ca n my dog come and play!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 24, 2009 razz
Sep 14, 2009 sandunguera
hi im toby
Sep 29, 2012 dogloverlaura
you have such a cute dog
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