Woola the Australian Shepherd

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd

Woola is named after an alien-dog like creature from the movie John Carter. He is known to be goofy, fast and loyal. We are hopeful that our Woola will live up to all these traits and more! Woola currently resides in Vancouver, BC. He came to us from a ranch in the prairies. He loves people (especially kids) and will greet you with his butt first. He then proceeds to try to lick your toes or face (Whichever he can reach!). He bounces like a rabbit and his coat looks like a lamb. He is smart and knows sit, stay, wave/paw, spin, jump (over your leg) and has the most enthusiastic down you have ever seen. We are working on fetch but he has promise of an agility/water dog already. We are so grateful to have him - he has taught us much patience and the beauty of early mornings!