Yogi the Dachshund

Puppy Breed: Dachshund

Yogi is a long haired dachshund. Yogi is the friendliest dog I've ever met and can leap into my arms from the floor when I come home -- an eight pound dog knocking over a 200 pound man! We found him on a road trip to Yellowstone, which is how he got his name. Yogi spends every afternoon at the off leash park, and his favorite playmates include all sausage shaped dogs including dachshunds, basset hounds, and corgis.

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caraschotch Nov 20, 2008
Oh Yogi! You're cuuuuuter than the average doxie!! I would love...

lvlybbyJR Nov 20, 2008
what a model... cute a nice long fur.

wolfgirl66 Nov 20, 2008

beatlesgeek Nov 20, 2008
Yogi has a bit of quiet dignity in him. He is beautiful, and how...

Giggles Nov 20, 2008
win. :)

ejay Nov 20, 2008
Yogi, you are soooooo cute, just love those Daschund ears in the...

NellyWelly Nov 20, 2008
Such a SWEETIE!!! Look at those big 'inocent'eyes!!

Christine From South Cal. Nov 20, 2008
What a sweetie! Yogi is a sure winner. I can tell he is a true...

mummm Nov 20, 2008
Yogi is so sweet looking. I love those soulful eyes! I'm sure he...

puppyloveforme Nov 20, 2008
You're a precious boy, aren't you?! Love...

bkregh Nov 20, 2008
How precious. And fun. Many happy years with Yogi. He is so cute...

randomearrings Nov 20, 2008
Wow Yogi, what a little stunner you are! Absolutely beautiful. Your...

sabby1543 Nov 20, 2008
I have a Doxie with the same (I'm cuter than you I rule you and...

sabby1543 Nov 20, 2008
I have a Doxie with the same (I'm cuter than you I rule you and...

jacknpeppersmom Nov 20, 2008
Aawww, the picture of innocence! I had a long-haired doxie years ago...

flowerchi Nov 20, 2008
Lovely photos! Yogi is indeed a charmer. What great expressions. ...

fluffy ears Nov 20, 2008
yogi is a cutie

golda803 Nov 20, 2008
he has a beautiful smile. you are a lucky man.

terry c Nov 20, 2008
How could anyone resist that sweet little face? What a little cutie...

jenzspot Nov 20, 2008
Yogi is one sly guy. I can see how he could steal your heart in...

jolieavon Nov 20, 2008
Ahhhh, nothing like the wind in my hair... errr.... ears! Adorable...

melodious Nov 20, 2008
"Are you talking to me?"What a cute fellow. Doxie's rule! :)

fritzy Nov 20, 2008
What a sweet, little one!!!! How perfectly cute is he?????? Cookies...

Dachshund lover Nov 20, 2008
sure looks happy

dogmom Nov 20, 2008
What a precious little morsel of a puppy! Yogi is soooo cute. ...

knetterville38 Nov 20, 2008
Oh, he is so precious and so innocent! I know he loves you for...

knetterville38 Nov 20, 2008
He would play great with my 3 basset hounds!

GwdGma Nov 20, 2008
Its so hard to choose a picture, every one was great! Yogi is...

ckendall Nov 20, 2008
ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to see such happy faces! Give his cute...

Sbams Nov 20, 2008
HOLY COW you have a lot of really, really cute pictures of Yogi!! ...

Mia3 Nov 20, 2008
Yogi- You are such a handsome boy!!!! you look like a little...

Cynarra Nov 20, 2008
Holy cute!

pamfontainepeters Nov 20, 2008
Windy Yogi... what a beautiful boy. I love this shot! Biscuits and...

Moore1953 Nov 20, 2008
Absolutely the purest look of innocence! What a beautiful baby. Would...

dkritter Nov 20, 2008
If only I could be so lucky to find such a gorgeous pup like Yogi out...

buddyandi Nov 20, 2008
She's such a cutie I love her big honest eyes!

buffygirl Nov 20, 2008

loveheals Nov 20, 2008
These photo are fantastic! Yogi has so much fun personality. He is...

honeypie Nov 20, 2008
What a sweet little face he has. I'll bet you're so glad Yogi...

Beagle109 Nov 20, 2008

jbroy Nov 20, 2008
I love pictures of dogs running. They always look like they are...

Yay4Puppies Nov 20, 2008
Such a glamor shot! I love the way his fur blows in the wind....

wheatie mom Nov 20, 2008
Cutest doxie ever!

dharmag Nov 20, 2008
What beautiful eyes you have Yogi. You are just too adorable for words.

biff Nov 20, 2008
Looks like the wind's picking up his ears in this pic. Can he...

Courage's mommy Nov 20, 2008
Yogi is sooo cute!!! I love this picture!!! lots of luv to you Yogi!!!!

Lucy's Dad Nov 20, 2008
"Very interesting, i wonder if the have discovered the fact that...

skeemmn Nov 20, 2008
Yoki, you're a beautiful little guy!! Lots of hugs, kisses and...

lalindamore Nov 20, 2008
Are you looking to work as a model?? Very "modelesque" Yogi...

gryt Nov 20, 2008
I know this doggy, I saw the last pic (love!) on flickr just the...

tristatedawn Nov 20, 2008
I love this breed, and Yogi has got to be the cutest one ever!

lkillion Nov 20, 2008
Great shots of this cutie! Dachshunds are great little dogs and...

Casey's mom Nov 20, 2008
Yogi is simply charming! Lucky that you both found each other!

anitac Nov 20, 2008
What a character, he looks like a ton of fun:)

patch'saunty Nov 20, 2008
OMG! Yogi, You could be my brother! I LUV your cute short legs and...

peppy Nov 20, 2008
AWWEE!! looks like he's lovin the breeze! haha

lovepuppies2 Nov 20, 2008
I have two doxies, one is named Hillary the other squirt. I love this...

scrat's snugglepuppy Nov 20, 2008
Yogi, my aren't you just the sweetest little guy! My ma says...

scrat's snugglepuppy Nov 20, 2008

amyliz Nov 20, 2008
Aw, little Yogi can knock me over anytime! He is the best road trip...

lh9313 Nov 20, 2008
can i have him?!?!?!?! he is ADORABLEEEEEEE, ooooo he soooo amazingly...

vorner Nov 20, 2008
What an adorable little peanut! Loads of hugs, kisses and biscuits...

bjager25 Nov 20, 2008
Aww what a cute face Yogi has! Your so blessed for him to have found...

fluffypup Nov 20, 2008
Yogi, you are such an adorable little thing!!!! :) :) :)

grandmasasssy Nov 20, 2008
My goodness! I could fall in love with this little guy!!! His...

DailyPuppy Admin Nov 20, 2008
Go get 'em Yogi!!

kerryllr Nov 20, 2008
Let me think about that! Well, well, well - that's interesting! ...

mikdebluvpups Nov 20, 2008
Such a handsome boy!

petrapenny Nov 20, 2008

petrapenny Nov 20, 2008

doxiemommy83 Nov 20, 2008
Awhhh baby puppy soooo cute! You look JUST like my wally bear!

sandrahender Nov 20, 2008
I love the expression on Yogi's face in this

KatsumiKokoro Nov 20, 2008
He's gorgeous! I wuv him!

doggone1973 Nov 20, 2008
Yogi i just want to pick you up and love you to pieces you are so...

lisalisa Nov 20, 2008
OH MY GOD! What an adorable little angel face. I am about to kiss...

iluvmypupsash Nov 20, 2008
Yogi is ADORABLE!!!! The cutest little dachsund I've ever seen!!!

In Memory of Annie Nov 20, 2008
Look at this face!!!!! What a look! Yogi I LOVE YOU!!! Kisses and...

minkiesmum Nov 20, 2008
What a gorgeous little pup he is ! this is a cracking photo too.

lucyny2000 Nov 20, 2008
A-a-a-a-a-h, Yogi is a living, breathing proove that you don't...

rocketdog Nov 20, 2008
"I thought I told you not to take my picture? grrr" he he...

LSM Nov 20, 2008
this picture says it all this little fellow is soooooooo cute and...

lucybee Nov 20, 2008
Yogi-you are cute as they come and very photogenic.Every picture of...

kady Nov 20, 2008
What a handsome face and body.Just perfect.

iluvk9s Nov 20, 2008
Yogi you are absolutely adorable!! What a sweet face!!! Tons of...

Rickysmom Nov 20, 2008
Yogi, you have stolen my heart. How am I supposed to choose just one...

lalamcgoo Nov 20, 2008
Yogi.....seriously, you are soooo cute, good grief, I can not get...

stormsamson Nov 20, 2008
You are certainly a cutie pie! I could just squeeze you to death! ...

thehighandlow Nov 20, 2008
AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I can't stop squealing in cute joy!!!!...

Bowie's Mom Nov 20, 2008
My legs are sooo long and beautiful! I'm a supermodel!! Make sure...

Oliver's Mummy Nov 20, 2008
What a handsome little man :) Yogi looks like such a happy chappy :)...

gail koup Nov 20, 2008
Yogi! What a handsome guy you are and so photogenic! You look like...

Candya Nov 20, 2008
Just beautiful. I want to kiss him

kathid Nov 20, 2008
What a yummy boy!

wolfhowl15 Nov 20, 2008
soooo cute luv the ears! im a super model

nathan Nov 20, 2008
Yogi, you are smarter than the average Dachshund. Wishing you a...

forthelovofdogs Nov 20, 2008
Yogi,you are such a cute boy! his eye have so much...

Mazurka Nov 20, 2008
those little legs! awwww!

malawi Nov 20, 2008
Oh my...what a little sweetheart!

hellowkitty2 Nov 20, 2008
o yogi i wish u were my and i would love u everyday and ...

georgia04 Nov 20, 2008
Yogi is a pint sized little parcel of love and joy. Give this cutie...

GirlySwirly99 Nov 20, 2008
awwww!!!!!!!!!! what a cutie! 1,000 biscuits for you, but only like...

malachy Nov 20, 2008
ahhh dachshunds are the BEST! enjoy your little man (I love mine!)

tink'smom Nov 20, 2008
Here I come, mom. I'm jumping. You better catch me! So many...

Mrs. Gentry Nov 20, 2008
What a beautiful puppy! Yogi looks like the sweetest little guy. Lots...

jrstar Nov 20, 2008
flight of the beautiful boy. what a doll

OrangeJuice Nov 20, 2008
You're doxi is so cute in this pic. She looks like a super model.

cdarcey75 Nov 20, 2008
Come on people! This baby deserves more biscuits!!! He is...

iLoVeBoXeRs Nov 20, 2008
Yogi yogi yogi, he is so totally adorable!! A beautiful dog with a...

puppy world Nov 20, 2008

amandaruth Nov 20, 2008
what a great picture!!

PomMama24 Nov 20, 2008
Our 2 year old "Blossom", a LH silver dapple, would LOVE to...

Brownieboy147 Nov 20, 2008
oh so cute! i love this pic! he looks so suspisious! i love him! hugs...

bubbaismybaby27 Nov 20, 2008
what a cool name for a cool dog!! cute as a button! :D

ruthie Nov 20, 2008

kelseym Nov 20, 2008
you are so lucky

LauraW_KS Nov 20, 2008
Yogi is an absolute doll!! I just love that face, he is soooooooo...

soggydan Nov 20, 2008
Thank you everyone for you flattering comments, I thought i was just...

iluvmydawgs Nov 20, 2008
Yogi, you are soooooo cccccuuute. You look like my dog Scout but...

iluvmydawgs Nov 20, 2008
Who couldn't love that adorable face?!!

GrammaDebbi Nov 20, 2008
Yogi, you look like my Dude! And...his original name from the breeder...

papajoe Nov 20, 2008

Softpaws Nov 21, 2008
Yogi boy... u floor me!

360 Nov 21, 2008
fab dog

Bella'sMom Nov 21, 2008
It is too hard to choose just one photo of Yogi! He is sooo handsome...

lynetz2 Nov 21, 2008
it looks like yogi is saying: thanks for rescuing me! what a neat...

trixandsam Nov 22, 2008
Go Yogi GO!!! (You're one cute little weiner-dog!)

Jimin Nov 22, 2008
Yogi is such a BEAUTIFUL daschund. the long fur is just so cute!

shelties4ever Nov 22, 2008
OMG!!!!!He is SO cute..Make sure you give yuor baby LOTS of hugs and...

puppydog Nov 23, 2008
Yogi is so adorable! He's such a little guy with a big pounce.

piobaire Nov 24, 2008
This is a stunning photograph. What a beautiful dog.

ilovedogs Nov 24, 2008
This photo it looks like he is thinking about something!!!!!!!! YOgi...

prides_halo Nov 24, 2008
Oh my goodness, a camera lover!! To sweet. Hes a beautiful pup. I...

2pups1kit Nov 24, 2008
Yogi is absolutely, PAWSITIVELY the MOST adorable Dachsie EVER!!!...

dashiemom Nov 25, 2008
For the love of Dashies!!! Lots of cookies & kisses!!!

yağmur sarı Nov 27, 2008

Kamisha Nov 27, 2008
hahahaha. he is perfect.

wolfensteinsmom Nov 28, 2008
"Wow, now THAT was FAST!!" He is a perfect picture! My baby...

animalsarewonderful Nov 29, 2008
yogi is a wonderful model! a boatload of biscuits for u

drakes' granny Dec 2, 2008
Yogi is adorable. My neighbor has dachshund - has more black hair -...

shellebee75 Dec 6, 2008
oh Yogi you are adorable!!

Sammyluvspups Dec 7, 2008
She is so pretty

zkyie Dec 10, 2008

Lisaez1 Dec 12, 2008
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!!! What a georgous...

Elfrogo Jan 11, 2009
Yogi is the most adorable thing I have eb=ver seen!! I want to have a...

Elfrogo Jan 11, 2009
Yogi is extremly and the most adorable Dachshund I have ever seen. I...

mushermaggie Jan 14, 2009
Absoulutely (misspelling intended) wonderful--such expression! Many...

jbroy Mar 27, 2009
I love your comment about sausage shaped dogs!!!! Yogi is adorable!!!

sabrett Apr 1, 2009
Look at those eyes! The doxie has the most human like eyes so full of...

puppies rule Apr 14, 2009
you look awesome Yogi i love you the most

puppies rule Apr 16, 2009
you are so brave Yogi

JnJ2008 Sep 19, 2009

Worsielover Sep 1, 2010
Just love this pic! Yogi is so adorable!!

pelligrino Nov 5, 2010
Yogi is beautiful puppy, and you lucked out when you found him! he is...