Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Apr 16, 2007 doxietail
Zoe is a very pretty puppy, and she sounds like she has such a nice personality!! :D I absolutely love that blue merle and tan coloring!
Apr 16, 2007 Smarties
She's a total cutie-pie! Thanks for the sweet pics.
Apr 16, 2007 Boo's Mom
Those eyes....that little pink tummy....that smile......OMG I am melting.....what a little dolly!!!
Apr 16, 2007 allpupsRperfect
O*M*G..... what a cutie pie! Absolutely adorable!!!!!!!
Apr 16, 2007 elusivek
what an adorable little puppy! She really does "Smile"!! she's so cute! The eyes are little strange at first, but after a while I just think it's so beautiful...

Love the photo when she was being hugged... that smile/smirk just says she's got some trick to do :)
Apr 16, 2007 sue
shes beautiful
Apr 16, 2007 snowcat4
I've never seen a puppy quite like her. Her eyes are very unique, is that common to the breed? She looks very cute and playful!
Apr 16, 2007 Caseysky
Thanks so much for sharing the pics of Zoe. When I moved into my first apartment, the first thing I did was get a dog. Beren looked just like Zoe, right down to the eyes. Beren was sweet and attentive, even at that young age. After a week-long battle, I lost him to Parvo, so I never got to see him grow into the sweet dog Zoe must now be. Thanks for the memories, and give Zoe a big hug from us!
Apr 16, 2007 Jackie
You are so lucky to have such a beautiful dog. Love the eyes and also the great smile.
Apr 16, 2007 Zoe's_mama
Great name! (We also have a Zoe) :) She is such a pretty girl; what striking eyes! And WHAT A SMILE! This is one happy baby! I wish you many long and wonderful years together!
Apr 16, 2007 Sashasmommy
What a beautiful girl! I love the pink pads on her paws!
Apr 16, 2007 McKennasMom
AWWWWW..........I want one! :)
Apr 16, 2007 tazziesmom
I never knew there was a mini aussie Shepard. She is lovely..
Apr 16, 2007 Mary V
I bet she is as frisky as she looks! Shes got that "I'm ready to go!"
look in her eyes ( which are beautiful) and is really darling.
Apr 16, 2007 tish
Perfect name for a STUNNING girl. She oughta be in pictures! Would love to see her grownup pix.
Apr 16, 2007 ezrinjaz
She's so beautiful! A friend of mine has a mini Australian Shepherd who looks a lot like Zoe and even has the one blue and one brown eye. So cute!
Apr 16, 2007 1000RainyDays
Aw! It's like fate! I LOVE Aussies, and I was having such a bad morning. But Zoe's precious little face made me smile, and now things aren't all that bad! Thanks, Zoe :)
Apr 16, 2007 dog+human=happy
Zoe is lovely - she just exudes sweetness & intelligence. Many happy years with your beautiful gir!
Apr 16, 2007 happyfairy
hey, im an aussie and i hadnt heard of the mini breed either! she's beautiful though, and she really does smile!!! ... its contagious, you should just see me grinning right now :)
Apr 16, 2007 dogsrule
Cute Cute Cute! What a dollface. Love the sleeping. Like a little cloudy angel.
Apr 16, 2007 bopeep
What a gorgeous little baby. Give her lots of hugs and kisses. Thank you for sharing.
Apr 16, 2007 Lucysmom
sweetness per-pup-ified!
Apr 16, 2007 DogMom
Good Lord, this girl doggie is too cute for words. Kisses and extra snackies from me!!!!
Apr 16, 2007 Nana to the pups
Zoe is a treasure to look at. She reminds me of a calico cat in coloring. She has a great deal of love and trust in her eyes which can be seen in her photos. She has definitely found a loving home!
Apr 16, 2007 Mana
OMG, I don't know who's luckier, her or you! Her exuberance comes straight through the computer screen, what a doll!
Apr 16, 2007 yujismom
please please please tell us zoe's founding story!
Apr 16, 2007 werleybird
Zoe is such a beautiful girl!!! I love her coloring & eyes. She looks so happy I bet its fun coming home to her. Enjoy all your happy years!
Apr 16, 2007 dog whisperer
ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She seems like she'd be so smart and loving!!! I love her coloring & eyes!!! She looks amazing!!!! I just wanna pet that tummy and love her!!! Have fun with her!!!
Apr 16, 2007 Terry C
She has such lovely eyes,
Apr 16, 2007 sandyalvarado
She really is "smiling"! What a pretty girl.
Apr 16, 2007 adew2476
ooo, she looks like!!!!! I have a Phaorah Hound with one blue eye and one brown eye and She is always using that cuteness to "get" to me!!!! Have fun! :)
Apr 16, 2007 yoliesf
I'm in love!
Apr 16, 2007 Frogfaerie
She's highly cute, pretty eyes and they make her look so mischievious and cheeky! And so fluffy - her puppy-coat must be so nice! I love her colouring too, have lots of fun with her!
Apr 16, 2007 Newfie_lover88
a friend of mine has a mini aussie (i think she is though she has a different coloration) also interestingly enough named Zoe. while she does not have the two tone eyes she is still full of spunk and mischief. i've had the pleasure of dogsitting for her a couple times and she is a joy to spend time with. enjoy every moment with your own furry friend.
Apr 16, 2007 TessiesMum
Love her fur and pretty face, she's special!!
Apr 16, 2007 mperlet
She is sooo cute! It certainly looks like she enjoys being a puppy!
I have a 10 month old Siberian Husky who has 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye. I think the 2 different color eyes on dogs make them that much more special. :)
Apr 16, 2007 iPodChicax22
She is the cutest! If i could have her, I would buy here to play with my puppy!
Apr 16, 2007 Judi
I would love to give her lots of "belly rubs". What a sweet face. She is going to be a joy to live with.
Apr 16, 2007 spaghetti130
enough said. =]
Apr 16, 2007 tambore
Go herd those sheep, Zoe! You are toooooooooooo gorgeous to be believed. Happy Life to all of you.
Apr 16, 2007 jowaldo
Apr 16, 2007 cookies176
what a precious little baby girl she is!
Apr 16, 2007 fluffypup
Zoe you are so darn adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 17, 2007 krisl73
She is so cute!!!
Apr 17, 2007 pencilwizard
Love this little one blue eyed cutie, she looks so mischievious lol.
Apr 17, 2007 hsquared2005
I love her big smile!!!
Apr 17, 2007 SnowWolves
Very beautiful baby!! I love her very much...she is precious!!!
Apr 17, 2007 marleysmom
What beautiful eyes! She is adorable and that smile is to die for!
Apr 17, 2007 mildred
She's beautiful! I love her coloring and her fluffy fur.
Apr 17, 2007 melavara
Such a cutie! She looks like a handful... : )
Apr 17, 2007 Kira*lover
She is so cute and you are so lucky to have her in the family :)
Apr 17, 2007 suedcccslp
WOW, those eyes, those eyes, truly precious
Apr 18, 2007 PuppyLuuver
Love her eyes!
Apr 19, 2007 Sara
They are gorgeous!! She looks so playful and cuddly. VERY CUTE!!
Apr 20, 2007 Furzaflyin
Love the Aussie! Great blue merle coat. My fave. She is gorgeous, and her eyes add the final touch of perfection!
May 1, 2007 debora
I can see immediatley that Zoe is a bundle of fun. No dull moments around her. A princess among puppies...
May 7, 2007 night.prose
Zoe took me by surprise!
My blue merle Shetland Sheepdog, Maisie, looks like a close relative.
I am sure Zoe is smart & sweet, and all of the things she looks like. I wish her & her family a long, happy life together!
from Maisie & her Family
May 22, 2007 Cappo619
CUTIE...I love her eyes, and the Picture of her doing "Belly Rub" :D
Jun 2, 2007 riley5747
i have two things to say awwwwwwwwwwwww and shes so cool 8-)
Jun 16, 2007 MustLoveDogs
These Aussie mini's are just to die for - and the sweet smile at the end of the day is all the thanks we dog-lover's need!! Love and kisses to sweet little Zoe!!
Jun 26, 2007 baby11193
I love her eyes!!!!!!!
Jun 29, 2007 Caitlin
I just adore those eyes! And her colors are so pretty! I just wanna snuggle up with her!
Oct 2, 2007 tanyalovesdogs
wow those eyes are coooool
i love the fluff tooo
Dec 4, 2007 Abesmom
Oh-Good Grief!!!!!!!
This is the baby girl that made her way to my home this summer(on top of the hill!). She was such a well-behaved little girl that evening and the overnight she spent. I laughed when my inlaws told me how she sings when you tell her "good morning". My daughter and Abraham truly miss her, we only had her the one night-but she'll always be remembered!!! Bring her by for a "puppy" play date sometime!
Apr 24, 2008 polkadotpony
O my gosh- she is adorable!! we have a rotweiler across the street named Luther- 11 bones for you Helmina
Nov 27, 2011 mastiffs3
She is so adorable, sorry I was a little late with the comment! Haha! She is a sweetie, 11 biscuits for you!
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