How to Choose a Pet Grooming School

If you love dogs, pet grooming might be a rewarding occupation for you.
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If you enjoy working with dogs, a job in pet grooming might be a great career choice for you. You get to work with dogs of all breeds and coat types all day long, and you get to make them look their finest. If you’re serious about a professional vocation like pet grooming, it’s best to get the professional training you need in order to competently perform the job. Don’t just jump through the door of the nearest pet grooming school, though. Do a little homework and find the pet grooming school that is right for you.

Step 1

Compile a list of schools near you, and compile a list of ones that would require you to travel or relocate to attend. Investigate local schools and be aware of what the larger accredited programs outside your daily driving vicinity offer. Then opt for a school that you're confident will provide a first-class education. Don’t be opposed to traveling if it means an out-of-town or out-of-state school offers the curriculum you’re looking for.

Step 2

Investigate the schools you’re seriously considering to find out if they are state approved. Schools that don’t have licensing or certification from the state they do business in might not have it for a reason. Some pet owners will trust their dogs only with groomers whose schooling is accredited.

Step 3

Contact the schools you’re considering and request a course catalog or find out if they post their catalog online.

Step 4

Compare the courses that the schools you favor offer. Narrow your list by disregarding schools that don’t offer the courses you need or are interested in.

Step 5

Review the course catalog to determine which classes you want to take. Don’t necessarily opt for the ones that you can complete in the shortest amount of time. The longer the course, the more experience you’ll get during your education and the better groomer you’ll be upon graduation.

Step 6

Ask about the student-to-instructor ratio. Smaller class sizes allow you more personal time with the instructor because you’ll be competing with fewer people to get questions answered and for individual attention.

Step 7

Find out if your school offers assistance in finding a job after graduation. If you don’t already have plans or a job offer, the help that a school can provide in getting you in contact with potential employers can be very useful.


  • Take into consideration whether or not a school is an accredited vocational school. You may be able to cover the cost of your education with a student loan if you enroll in a school that is accredited.

  • There are online training schools for pet grooming that work just like any online course. You work at your own pace and usually in your own home. You should apply the same screening process to these schools as you would a traditional school, but keep in mind that with a vocation like pet grooming, nothing can give you the same experience as on-site classroom training.



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