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These Cuddly Pugs are Here to Melt Your Heart.

"Ok I can't put it into words how cute he is!!! Awwwwwwwwwwww "

comment by Rider4ever

"What a sweet funny face she has - just the cutest wee girl. She deserves a loving home - glad she 's got one. Big hugs to you all from Oscar."

comment by Heather

"Duchess is so cute, I love her colors... just like my Bria ;o)"

comment by Cricket7

""first they name me 'Wrinkles' and now I have to wear ruffles?" what a great face. I'm in love with Wrinkles. "

comment by schotime


comment by wolfgirl66

"too cute!!!"

comment by tobimama

"ahhh i lov the pics!exspecialypic #5 of pugsley looking out at the veiw!!!she looks like she is a bundle of fun!!!i lov pugs!if i ever get 1 im gonna call it either frank of guppy!!!"

comment by rcmcritters

"Cute! A pug! I love pugs!"

comment by pudgiethepug

"Too cute!"

comment by ohmyitscarolynn

"Bones and belly rubs from Bean and Daisy!"

comment by nadinemerry

"Here comes the next doggie of the day!!!"

comment by rockford

"Such a creative name! I love it! The picture of you with sunglasses is so adorable. Hope you get lots of treats!"

comment by lovertoanimals

"Looking good, man! :)"

comment by gryt

"Jagger McNugget. I love the name! You are beautiful Jagger. Pugs are the best!"

comment by doglovers1

"She looks like an adorable ham in all of her beautifulpics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiles to ya'll!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66


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