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Your Joyful Furbabies Have Arrived!

"Thanks, Schotime! Love and puppy kisses, Alexis"

comment by Livi_S

"Sebastian sounds like a hoot! Such a cutie. "

comment by wolfgirl66

"So, so precious!!!!!! I can't get over how cute Sebastian is! Wish he was mine."

comment by sandyb1950

"Adorable beyond belief!!!!"

comment by sandyb1950

"I see a lot of Rottweiler in Jelly Bean. She's a real cutie! I hope she can become famous, acting in a big movie :) Lots and lots of treats for Jelly Bean :þ"

comment by hamachi

"A3/4!?!?!? That was supposed to be a letter "Thorn", which looks like a P with the loop lower (centered)."

comment by hamachi

"I love you, lil guy."

comment by teeru

"what a precious little doll!! hugs from Memphis....."

comment by stillwater20

"i love youer dog "

comment by sammy123

"I think you are too cute to be possibly true! I love how you are tilting your head in this picture...picture perfect! I love your markings because I adore Black Brown and white dogs! You are just one of the cutest things on earth! Welcome to the dailypuppy!"

comment by rockford

"Isn't there a way I can choose ALL the pictures??? Wesley, I remember you from DP; whatever your mix is, it's gasp-inducing. I mean, THAT FACE!!!! Good God!!! How can anything be this cute, I ask you??? Happy 1st bday little sweet-tart and MANY more!"

comment by pupfanatic

"Wesley you are one of the most photogenic little guys on here - I predict you will be the Daily Puppy soon! Love & kisses to you darling."

comment by meganbooth

"Oh my goodness, Ollie, aren't you one of the most charming pups I've ever seen?! You have melted my heart! You remind me so very, very much of my darling Double Doodle, Alice Eloise. Sending oodles of Doodle kisses and cuddles from Alice Eloise and me!"

comment by Sarah Kathryn


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