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These Naughty Doberman Pinschers are About to Make Your Day.

"I love your chocolate doberman. Such a beauty. That is the kind of dog I want to get next."

comment by snoopymama

"beautiful eyes, very enchanting...."

comment by rjbeyard

"wow , astor is a handsome dobe"

comment by redthepartsdog

"astor is adorable!"

comment by puppymad17

"Hi Lulus! We are definitely keeping his ears natural. They dock their tales at 3-5 days old so we had no choice about that, but they clip their ears at 10-12 weeks so we were able to grab him before anything happened! "

comment by MPazik86

"Dax is a cutie! Please let him keep his ears. :)"

comment by Lulus Mom

"He's handsome with his big soft ears."

comment by BeLoud

"Ohhhh Brody....you are waaaayyyy tooooo cuuute....not to mention one very lucky little boy!! Whatta face!! Love your markings too!! Hugs from me & McGee!!! XOXOXO"

comment by yankigal

"You can feel the love in this picture. I don't know who feels it more, Brody or his mom."

comment by suzmom1

"Brody is a handsome, lucky guy. "

comment by schotime

"Frankie is a very handsome guy! Thanks for not cropping everything! I don't understand why to be a champion they must have ears and tail cut off. I think he is gorgeous just the way he is!"

comment by wolfensteinsmom


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