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20 Much Too Cute Golden Retrievers to Cheer You Up.

"Man, I will come to your house and take this dog and snuggle her to death! jk, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!"

comment by lovemypuppy151

"Peaches, you sure are a beautiful baby. You look a lot like one of my grand pups. Sunshine The White Maltese Mommy and Shadow The Silver to Dark Grey Poodle Daddy.. her daddy is larger than her mommy too."

comment by MsJaxFla

"Peaches, you have already stolen my heart!! Those beautiful, big brown eyes & sweet (yet mischievious!)expression on your little face are just too much! I have a feeling that you are going to be a Goldendoodle...SO cute! "

comment by JanW

"Chance, this is your big chance to become a star or magic act in Vegas! Have a great life in Vegas may you live a long and healthy one."

comment by suzmom1

"Chance is a treasure. He is getting his beauty sleep. Cuteness like his doesn't just happen ya know! Lol. "

comment by schotime

"Sooooooooooo LOVELY!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"oh thats a great writeup on a wonderful pup!!!"

comment by weaverpup

"our silly dog loves to watch tv. this show is one of her favourites to watch."

comment by poppy woppy

"i dont care about you cloiethepuppy. my dogs teeth are perfectly fine."

comment by poppy woppy

"What a sweet looking girl!!!"

comment by mbouthiet

"Aaaah! Home and a nice soft bed! What a life. My daddy really loves me, and I love him! He's always taking pictures of me and telling everybody he meets what a fantastic pup I am. He make other people jealous."

comment by woodwitch


comment by wolfgirl66

"This picture is out-of-this-world adorable. I'd let you drive me anywhere, anytime, Chloe. ox ox ox"

comment by w102663

"Exquisite! You are absolutely wonderful, Chloe, and your dad must be a fantastic person to love you so much. God bless you both always. XOXOXO"

comment by vorner


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