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Holy Snorgles. Can't. Even. Handle. These. Golden Retrievers!

"The pudginess is killing me and the "face", oh my gosh, the face.:), :), :)"

comment by w102663

"So patient, focused and obedient...very impressive!"

comment by w102663

"you are so fluffy and cute"

comment by twinkie

"What a wonderful place for Dozer to live!!!!"

comment by ~Claire~

"Beautiful pic, of Dozer he is a grand, hansome dog. Happy walkies, en!!!!!joy!!!!!"

comment by ~Claire~

"Dozer - you are one handsome golden! You resemble a golden I had years ago, named Cody. He was big like a bear, and looking at your paws you are going to be a big guy!"

comment by swabs

"What a handsome puppy! I just think he is too cutie for words. Enjoy this special time when they are little because like kids, our puppies grow up WAY TOO FAST! Lots of Hugs for Dozer from Tiller and Callie's mommie!"

comment by napm474

"DOZER !! U are very handsome !! your owners are very blessed to have u to love . What an awesome playground u have-- ALL those trees !! LOL ! "

comment by motocross_girl10

"Sooooooooo SWEET! It sounds like beautiful Effie is a very important member of her loving 4ever family! I hope she enjoys a very long life full of love, good health, yummy treats and tail wagging fun!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"How could you not love this beautiful pup?! I expect to see Effie as a Daily Puppy very soon!"

comment by westiefan99

"you r soooo cute!"

comment by pepsidoggie

"Congrats on being the daily grown up dog. I'm not surprised you are; you are cute! "

comment by pepsidoggie

"We love looking at your pics. You are so cute."

comment by browneyes

"My two favorite things in the world; a beautiful golden and Eeyore. Helio may you have a long, happy and healthy life with your furever family!"

comment by suzmom1

"Could you be any more perfect! This last month here at Daily Puppy has been Golden Month! "

comment by saintbernardhouse

"He's probally thinking " Run from the inside world!" Haha so adorable!"

comment by mak22


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