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Can't Get Enough Pix of Charming Australian Shepherds?

"Sooooooo very beautiful! I hope y'all enjoy many happy years together. My brother lives in AZ. ."

comment by wolfgirl66

"Hello Lovely Ruby!!!!!!!! You are a real sweetheart and I am very happy that you are now in a wonderful forever home! I hope you enjoy a very long life full of trust, love and lots of fun!!!!!!!! Take care, enjoy life and be happy!!!!! Bye Bye!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Ruby, you have a great story and are a gorgeous girl. I love your name. :-)"

comment by txtbirdchic

"Our own little girl, 'Ruby'.. says hello (that would be "woof" in dog-speak) to YOUR own "Ruby". She thinks this is the PERFECT name for ones so very beautiful and red-hued. Sounds like you were meant to meet ... Aussies are certainly a lot of fun, and bring great joy to their people."

comment by lea1201

"Ruby you are beautiful Your person is wonderful for resuing a mommy because they do sometimes get left behind (like cjp said). It sounnds like you are going to have a wonderful happy forever life. Enjoy :)"

comment by jenlf

"she very pretty"

comment by houndgirl101

"Aw, what a beauty! She has a sweet face and gorgeous coloring. Kudos for rescuing an older dog - the puppies always seem to get rescued and leave the momma behind. Enjoy your life with Ruby!"

comment by cjp

"Totally CUTE! I love your pretty eyes! All of your pics are adorable!"

comment by wolfgirl66


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